College Football Musings: Week Seven

My pick to win the BCS Title Game lost. Last year's BCS Champion lost. In Ann Arbor they mean it when they scream Holy Toledo! Being smart stops paying off on the gridiron and there may be two interlopers into the BCS payoff party. That's all coming up in this week's musings.

Hook ‘em Horns --- Mack Brown had taken a back seat to Bob Stoops in the Big 12 pecking order until the amazing performance by Vince Young gave the Longhorns coach a national title three years ago. Well, Brown got another degree of separation with his team's 45-35 win on Saturday. Colt McCoy became the front runner for the Heisman Trophy and Texas the favorite to play for the title again at the end of the year. I like McCoy's chances better than those of Texas running the table.

Bye-You Bengals --- LSU had not lost in regulation play since falling to the Gators two years ago in The Swamp. Well, they may not want to return in two years after this latest sojourn into Florida. The Gators authored their finest performance since beating Ohio State and routed LSU 51-21. The loss really doesn't do that much damage, except that LSU must run the table to get any BCS consideration. Voters remember a 30-point loss no matter what you do afterwards.

$20 Million plus for this? --- That's the question they're asking in Ann Arbor after Rich Rodriguez and the Michigan Wolverines lost a 13-10 decision to Toledo. TOLEDO!! That's four losses in six games with Penn State, Michigan State and Ohio State (combined 19-2) still to play. Rodriguez might bring greatness to the big house eventually, but for now he's not even bringing mediocrity.

Tony, I was only kidding! --- Tommy Tuberville might want to consider that plea to his ousted offensive coordinator. After dumping Franklin on Wednesday, midway through his first season at Auburn the Tigers went out and lost to Arkansas 25-22. The offense managed a grand total of 193 yards and committed three turnovers at home.

Smart is not the same as good --- A couple of weeks ago I mused about what good years such academic bastions as Notre Dame, Vanderbilt and Northwestern were having on the football field. Well talk about your premature congratulation! All three were beaten Saturday. At least Stanford got past Arizona.

BCS Interloper x 2? --- There's a pretty good chance that not one but two non-BCS conferences could be sending their champ to the elite Bowl games this year. The Mountain West Conference could come down to a showdown between No. 9 BYU and No. 14 Utah and the winner would almost assuredly be ranked high enough to get in. But there could be another. Boise State is sitting at No. 15 and Ball State is No. 24 and both are within hailing distance as well. I can hear the heart palpitations from BCS Conference Commissioners from here. That's a lot of cash leaving the "system".

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