Gators Reel in a Big Commitment

The Florida Gators rolled over LSU in Gainesville, and the excitement of the game and the atmosphere was not lost on the recruits in attendance. The Gators have picked up a big commitment today.

At 6-6 and 300 pounds, Kyle Koehne is not hard to spot on the football field, and he's made his decision to be a Florida Gator. Jason Higdon of Fightin' Gators has the breaking news and interview with the newest Gator.

Jason Higdon: I understand you decided where you want to play your college ball. Where is that, and why did you make this decision? 

Kyle Koehne: I decided that I would like to play at Florida. I really enjoyed my visit there this past weekend, and it felt like it was the right place to chose.

JH: When you informed the the Florida staff that you were going to be a Gator, what were there responses and what did they tell you? 

KK: They were very excited to here me say I wanted to be a Gator. They told me being a Gator wasn't going to be easy and that it comes with a lot of hard work. 

JH: Talk about your relationship with Coach Meyer? 

KK: I love Coach Meyer. I talk to him every week, and he's a very nice guy. We get along very well. 

JH: Talk about your relationship with Coach Addazio? 

KK: We have a very good relationship. We talk several times a week and are very upfront and honest with each other. 

JH: I know Saturday and Sunday night you had a chance to spend some time with some of the Gator players-who were you with and what was that like? 

KK: Saturday I was with Sam Robey and T.J. Pridemore; we went to a party where I got to meet a lot of other football players. Sunday night I went to a movie with some of the players, Robey, Patchan, and Brendan Beal.

JH: Talk about what the atmosphere before the game was like? 

KK: The atmosphere was intense before the game. Everyone was pumped up for the game 

JH: Could you have ever imagined it could get that loud, and for people that were not there how would you describe the noise level? 

KK: No the noise was ridiculous, to describe the noise, it was deafening. 

JH: What were your impressions of the game and they outcome? 

KK: The game was amazing, Ii was extremely happy with the outcome of the game. I couldn't have chosen a better time to visit Florida. 

JH: Talk about the Florida offensive line and how you thought they played Saturday night? 

KK: The OL played great. They easily controlled the line of scrimmage the whole game. 

JH: What are your strengths as an offensive linemen, and what are things you are trying to improve on before you get to Florida?

KK: My strengths are my quickness and my technique. I need to improve my strength and conditioning before I arrive at UF. I'm 6-6, 290, Bench 320 Squat 420 GPA-3.1 SAT-1150 

JH: Mom and dad's full names? 

KK: Robert and Elizabeth Koehne 

JH: Thoughts from each of them on this past weekends trip-visit as well as what it means for them that you are now a Gator? 

Liz Koehne: Besides attending one of the best and biggest games of the season, it was good to meet the coaches and their families. They really care about each player on and off the field. The players get a lot of support from many support staff including the best in nutrition, weight training, academic counseling, and sports medicine. I am glad to have Kyle as a part of the "Gator Family". They are going to take good care of Kyle throughout his college career.

Bob Koehne: Wow! Great people, great facilities, great focus on academics. What impressed us a lot was the attention to detail that each and every person that we spoke had for their respective areas of responsibility. There is a lot of passion to help develop these young athletes in young men. I am excited to have Coach Addazio coach my son for the next four years. It should be a lot of fun!

Video Highlights of Koehne in action as a senior:

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