Football Diary with the Burtons #8

Trey Burton has his team 6-0, and he helped Venice to their first Homecoming victory in four years. Here is this week's Football Diary with the Burtons. Once again thanks to Trey's mother Cindy Burton-Macfarlane.

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We won our first homecoming game in four years last Friday, by beating Port Charlotte 46-17. Feels good. It was the Dri Archer show all night long, he broke a school record by rushing for 366 yards with four touchdowns, some of those touchdown runs for 89, 85 and 69 yards. Trey was 7-for-9 with 120 yards passing and two rushing TDs. He is 200 yards away from beating his passing record last year.

Our defense had many fumble recoveries and a few interceptions. They really seem to gel and respect each other, despite their age differences. I notice they go over and pick each other up off the ground after each play, and I think that's awesome. Clay seemed to get double teamed a few times, and he was on the receiving end of one or two cheap shots, but he remained as cool as a cucumber. Not bad for 15 year's old.

Although we have a bye week this week, I will still make Rice Krispie treats for the o-line because they were making some big holes for Dri to run through. I am very grateful the boys have time to rest this weekend. They attended the Bucs versus Carolina game on Sunday, the day after Homecoming, and they are looking a little tired. Speaking of Homecoming, a few of us were texting Trey the score of the Florida/LSU game while he was at the dance. He appreciated that. He must love Maci a lot to miss that game. Eight boys spent the night here after the dance, and I am so grateful for safety and protection and that these football players choose to remain drug/alcohol free. They are special boys. This week is the end of the 1st quarter, and since I can check their grades online, I am very happy to report their hard work in the classroom is paying off.

Port Charlotte was getting a little frustrated last Friday, but I think we will really see some fireworks next Friday. Our Charlotte game on October 24 will be nationally televised on Comcast Channel 28 CSS. Trey went down to the TV studio on Monday to film a commercial for it. Charlotte is 5-0 and we are 6-0. They just beat Manatee, so this will be our biggest test yet. They have two really good running backs, so our defense will need to step up. Coach Peacock mentioned last night at the Touchdown/Linebacker Club dinner that from this game on, winning by one point is enough to make him happy. He said between Manatee, Charlotte and Venice, one very good team will not make the playoffs this year. He also said he is happy with the way Venice handles themselves when other teams act unsportsmanlike. It takes a lot of restraint not to retaliate.

Trey has been asked by our pastor to give his testimony at our church during the first and second services. Some of the people who attend the first service are also season ticket holders to the VHS Football games, and they would like to see Trey with his helmet off. This morning in Moms in Touch we prayed John 14:6 for the boys that "Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life, no man comes unto the Father, but by me", and I pray the boys will commit this verse to memory so they can share this good news with others.

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