Five-Star WR Debose Sees Gators' Focus

Saturday night The Swamp was rockin' and along with the 90,000 Gator fans in attendance, some of the nation's elite high school football prospects were also in attendance to see Florida demoralize LSU. Among the best was Sanford Seminole five-star wide receiver Andre Debose (6-0, 180) who got to see first hand the Gators' focus on the game.

Count Debose as one of the guys that was really surprised at the 51-21 outcome of the game. The Florida Gators jumped out to a 20-point lead, had that shrink to just six points and then had a landslide of points in the second half to roll away with it. Debose saw the Gators start early.

"I thought it was a great experience," Debose said of the game. "The Gators were on their job this week. It was a big surprise, I thought it was going to be a good game, but Florida came out quick."

One guy that Debose saw was ready before the game was Florida Head Coach Urban Meyer. Debose caught Meyer walking into the stadium during the ritual Gator Walk from the team buses to the locker room. He saw a different urban Meyer than usual get off the bus this time.

"I don't know what they did, but before the beginning of the game they did the Gator Walk and I used to say 'Hi' to Coach Meyer, but he had a look on his face that I didn't want to say anything to him," Debose said with a laugh. "He was so focused on the game that I was nervous to say something to him. I just said 'Hi' and let him go by."

Once down on the field, Debose was able to walk up to Meyer before the game and talk to him. It was almost as if Meyer expected the outcome, because he just wanted Debose to sit back and watch what was about to take place.

"When we were down in the locker room I talked to him," Debose said. "He was just letting me know that it was going to be a good game. We didn't have to discuss them wanting me, because I already know all that. He just wanted me to enjoy the game."

Enjoy the game he did and once the game was under way, Debose saw a side of Florida he hadn't seen before. Debose visited for the Miami game and thoroughly enjoyed that night time atmosphere as well, but the game itself was different than this one. Florida was kind of in a slower mode than they had been that night, against LSU, the Gators were hitting in fifth gear.

"The Florida offense is so fast, I never realized that they had so much speed until I actually witnessed it," Debose said. "They have speed at every position and every position is super fast. It was like whoa. In the Miami game I didn't get to see their speed like that because they didn't open it up. I just realized they have a lot of speed. That is a positive for me."

Debose attended the game with his father and teammate Ray Ray Armstrong who is also being recruited heavily by the Gators. Dyron Dye, a defensive end from Sanford was also in attendance but rode to the game with his own family.

This weekend, Debose will be visiting Georgia. It will be his first trip to Athens.

"Everything is going to be new to me so I just want to experience their game atmosphere, meet the coaches, and students," he said of the upcoming trip with his dad.

Besides the Gators LSU, Georgia, Miami, Florida State, USC, are other teams Debose still has interest in. He talked about each of the others.

Georgia: "I talk to the running back coach. I am driving up with my dad on Friday. They are always a powerhouse and Coach Mark Richt always has them prepared for their season. I love their jerseys when they do the 'black out'. I always admired them growing up, but I really don't know much about them."

Miami: "They put a lot of people in the NFL. I like the coaches, they are nice too. They keep in touch even though things aren't going too well."

FSU: "I have kind of sat back and watched them and they have a lot of upcoming talent at the quarterback position. I want to go somewhere with a good quarterback and they have a couple of good ones coming up. Their defense is always good, and I want to go somewhere where the defense is good. I have to keep them in mind."

LSU: "I still have the same thoughts on them. Even though nothing went their way. I am not down on them after the game, it's just they weren't ready to go at that time. I love the area there. Them and Florida kind of favor each other a lot. LSU is football in Louisiana and Florida is all football in Florida too. LSU and Florida crowds are so much alike, they are just into the game.

USC: "They are a powerhouse. They are in California and totally different. I just like it that it's totally different.

Although he doesn't know where he will end up, Debose knows when he will make his college decision and he knows what factors he will use to make that decision.

"I am going to decide on January 4 at the Under-Armour All-American game," he said. "It will be based on my gut decision, right down to the end. I am going to try and make the right decision. I have been putting a lot of thought into it and doing a lot of research. I will have all my official visits by then. I will take five visits, this Georgia one will be my first then I think I am going to the LSU-Georgia game but that one isn't set in stone yet. My Florida visit will be after the season."

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