TCU Makes BCS Commissioners Happy

The six conference commissioners that head up the BCS --- seven if you count the commissioner of the Notre Dame Conference --- are among the happiest people in America this morning. And the reason for it is a group of Horned Frogs from Fort Worth, Texas.

When Texas Christian walloped Brigham Young, 32-7, Thursday night it was more than an unranked team taking out the ninth-ranked team in college football. It also was a major step towards assuring that the BCS Conferences won't have to share their post-season riches with any of those "upstarts" from non-BCS leagues.

Oh it's still possible that Utah or Boise State could run the table and snag a spot, but it'll be more difficult now for several reasons.

No showdown game --- Before this game it appeared there was an excellent chance of unbeaten BYU and unbeaten Utah meeting at the end of the year in a showdown for the Mountain West Conference title and a BCS invitation. Had that happened, both would likely have been in the top ten and the impact of the game would have been significant. That can't happen now.

MWC image takes a hit --- The conference has built a pretty solid reputation in football since Urban Meyer ran the table in 2004. That reputation was hurt by TCU whipping BYU. You might ask why, since they're in the same league. Well the reason is TCU was pounded by Oklahoma 35-10 just three weeks ago. If TCU can manhandle BYU and was similarly dominated by Oklahoma it makes the league seem well below the "big boys" of college football.

Guilt by association --- The diminished image of the MWC will also hurt the perception of unbeaten teams Tulsa (Conference USA) and Boise State (WAC). At the moment Boise (No. 15) has the better chance of the two, but neither will face a ranked team the rest of the way. In fact the best chance of crashing the BCS party still resides in the MWC with Utah (No. 14), which will host both TCU and BYU in November.

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