Practice Paid Off

It was an exciting night for Major Wright and the rest of his Florida Gator teammates when they handed the third ranked LSU Tigers a beat down in The Swamp. The 51-21 score was indicative of just what the Gators can do if they prepare for a game and stay focused. Wright is ready to move on from the game and says they will continue to practice hard to continue to repeat the performance.

Wright finished second on the team in tackles against LSU, something he has been used to doing all year. It was another strong performance from the Gators' secondary and the entire team had a great week of preparation leading up to the game.

"We practiced hard that whole week, it was pretty tough and our coaches told us if you practice hard you will play hard," Wright said Wednesday. "Basically it starts from practice, We practice hard and work hard, get all 11 guys going then we will see. We've had two practices this week and they have been pretty tough. We are just looking forward to playing Kentucky, playing great defense, offense, and special teams."

One thing the Gators had Saturday was focus. Once they were up by 20 points, they stayed focused. LSU found their way back in the game, for a few minutes in the third quarter, but the Gator focus was enough to really put some separation shortly after.

When the Gators started building the lead, they didn't stop. Again, Wright said it was all about staying in tuned to what the objective at the moment was. The payoff came after the game.

"We just stayed focused and kept playing," he said. "Everybody's spirits were up (in the locker room afterwards) and everybody was crunk and very happy we won. Now we are off of LSU and game planning for Kentucky. They are pretty good, they run the ball and have good receivers."

One possible lapse of judgment during the game came when junior middle linebacker Brandon Spikes decided he would punt the ball in the stands after scoring a touchdown on an interception that made the score 40-14. The shanked punt drew a verbal reprimand from head Coach Urban Meyer and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty from the officials. Wright said, Spikes should have known better, but he is a really passionate player.

"He is one of those guys that get into it and gets it going," Wright said. "He shouldn't have done it, I get onto him about it. I wouldn't have done it, but he's a pretty emotional guy, so I feel him."

Spikes was big for the team on Saturday. Along with the above mentioned interception, he also had another interception on the night and was really disruptive up front for the LSU offense. Wright wouldn't have anyone else manning that spot.

"He is a big factor for this team," Wright said of Spikes. "I love him playing that middle linebacker spot.

With very few rough spots along the way so far, major Wright and the Florida secondary have made great strides this season from last. With the focus and will to stay that way, they only look to get better as the season progresses.

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