BCS Standings Not Too Strange

The BCS standings were announced for the first time Sunday afternoon and it's unlikely Gator fans were celebrating. Florida, which is fifth in the AP Poll and seventh in the coaches rankings were No. 10 in the first rankings that will determine which teams get to play in the BCS Title Game.

On the positive side, Fox Sports analyst Barry Switzer picked the Gators to play Texas in that game in Miami on January 8.

The top of the BCS was no surprise with Texas, Alabama, Penn State and Oklahoma grabbing the top four spots. Southern Cal was number five, followed by Oklahoma State, Georgia, Texas Tech and Ohio State. Potential BCS party crashers Boise State and Utah trailed the Gators in the rankings with LSU claiming the 13th spot. The South Florida Bulls are No. 16 and The Seminoles of Florida State came in at No. 25.

One thing that is certain is that this poll will undergo a number of changes in the weeks ahead. In fact, next week's rankings will be dramatically different depending on the outcomes of a number of games.

BCS Showdowns ----

#1 Texas at #6 Oklahoma State

#3 Penn State at #9 Ohio State

#7 Georgia at #13 LSU

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