College Football Musings: Week Eight

The BCS standings are out reminding us of the lunacy of using computer polls. Florida State moves into the role of favorite in the ACC while appearing before the NCAA Committee on Infractions. And it turns out that the world wide financial crisis is only the second biggest disaster emanating out of Washington. We have that and more, but not Andy Rooney in our weekly musings.

Who's afraid of the big bad Wolfe? ---- Well a lot of people probably are terrified about what this worst of all computer systems might come up with. Wolfe has Florida No. 20; trailing the LSU team (No. 19) they beat by 20. He has Southern Cal No. 9, way behind the Ohio State team (No. 3!) they abused a month ago. This clown also has Penn State ranked 11th. Bizarre stuff. Wolfe isn't alone with strange rankings. Billingsley has Ohio State at No. 4 and Texas Tech at No. 19. The Colley Matrix has LSU at No. 25 and Tulsa at No. 15. I could go on, but you get the point. These things are nonsense and allowing them to play a role in the BCS Championship equation is beyond insanity.

Updating the Party Crashers --- The BCS standings seem to offer good news for a non-BCS Conference team getting one of the ten invitations at the end of the season. Utah (No. 11) and Boise State (No. 12) are both in excellent position while TCU (No. 14), Tulsa (No. 19), Ball State (No. 20) and BYU (No. 21) are all within hailing distance. Two of the other three at-large berths are likely to go to teams from the Big 12 and SEC. That leaves one spot for a second Big Ten or Pac-10 team. The rules allow only one at large spot for any conference and only one spot for a non-BCS Conference team.

Some real stench from Washington --- As bad as President Cowboy and the incompetent Congress has fouled things up, Washington DC is a bastion of excellence compared with college football in the "other" Washington. The Washington Huskies have lost all six of their games as the clock winds down on the tenure of Coach Tyrone Willingham. The Huskies have allowed every opponent to score at least 28 points. Still, they are having a better year than the Cougars of Washington State. This team is so bad PETA has demanded they stop embarrassing Cougars by using them as a mascot. Wazzou, unlike their neighbors from Seattle does have a win to go with seven losses, but that win over Portland State does nothing to make up for the putrid play they are inflicting on folks in Pullman. Four Wazzou opponents have scored 60-plus points while they scored a total of 30 points in those games. They hit rock bottom Saturday with their 69-0 humiliation at home against Southern Cal.

FSU has a Mixed Week --- The best part of the week for Florida State came Thursday night when the Seminoles survived a challenge from North Carolina State. The next best part came when Wake Forest stunk up the joint against Maryland. While FSU might be the best team in the league, their week was not quite perfect. School officials spent about seven hours in front of the NCAA Committee on Infractions, trying to convince that body the ‘Noles self imposed penalty of ten scholarships (five in football) should be adequate punishment for academic fraud that involved 60 student-athletes. I don't like their chances, but we should know before Christmas.

Clemson gets no Bounce --- The Clemson Tigers hoped they would salvage this season by forcing Head Coach Tommy Bowden out after consecutive losses to Maryland and Wake Forest. Well so far, not so good. Interim Coach Dabo Swinney had his guys in the lead after three quarters, but a late touchdown gave Georgia Tech a 21-17 win. The Tigers are now 3-4 and may be the biggest disappointment in college football. But at least they have the best coach named Dabo in the world.

Dawggone Laws --- Saturday night defensive tackle Brandon Wood and offensive tackle Vince Vance became the ninth and tenth Georgia Bulldawg football players to be arrested since the first of the year. Wood was charged with DUI among other things and will miss this week's game with LSU as part of his punishment. Vance was already out injured so it matters not what his penalty is for driving with an expired license. That's right the kid was arrested for THAT. Georgia needs to learn that leading the SEC East in arrests is not the way to earn a trip to the SEC Championship Game.

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