Tebow Looking to Keep Offense Moving

For Florida quarterback Tin Tebow, the Gator offense has moved the ball all season like they have in the last two games. They've just shot themselves in the foot with poor execution or turnovers.

The key for Florida this weekend against Kentucky will be to keep the momentum gained from the LSU game moving forward. They'll have to do it against a pretty good Kentucky defense that makes you sustain drives.

"They have played us very well in the past few years," Tebow said earlier this week. "They are a good team and we're going to have to be ready."

Tebow said the key to continued success on offense is eliminating the mistakes.

"The pieces are there," he said. "We have to keep working, executing, and getting things right. If we eliminate the mistakes we've made over the past few weeks, we'll do fine. We have moved the ball efficiently and effectively throughout the year. We put drive-after-drive together and we'll keep rolling with the momentum."

A big piece to the offense against LSU and Arkansas was the rushing game. But unlike last season where most of the burden was put on Tebow, he now has the ability to hand the ball to someone else.

"We keep calling it and going back to the inside zone plays we run, because It gives you an opportunity to have short 3 or 4-yard runs, trusting that we can get a 50-yard breakout run," Tebow said. "Having [Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps] in the game opens things up. Their speed allows them to get to the edge. We can put them in open space to try to create 1-on-1 match-ups. They are so fast and athletic we can stretch the field horizontally."

"We can tell during our live scrimmages. We know when they really make people miss and when they don't really make people miss. They are special guys who can handle that kind of pressure very well. They both have the ability to create, which is what I think makes them so special."

The hard part for Florida this week is that they had to carry the momentum gained from the LSU win over a bye week. But Meyer's record with more than one week off is impressive, and Tebow said the Homecoming week festivities should help as well.

"It's our homecoming, so we'll have to put all of those distractions aside and focus on Kentucky," Tebow said. "We're going to go out and try to dominate our opponent."

"We need to come out with the same intensity we had against LSU. I think our intensity during that game has been the highest we've played at so far this year. It's an early game; we have to be ready to go and come out fired up."

Another key to Florida's success in recent weeks has been the play of the offensive line. Injuries slowed the growth of the line through the first few weeks and they came under fire. But they've turned it around in the last two games.

"I think everyone has noticed the focus of the offensive line," Tebow said. "They are doing a great job sticking on and maintaining their blocks. We have a lot of confidence in them and they're the reason we can mix up our game plan."

The energy of the offensive line stems from the play of the Pouncey twins.

"The Pounceys always give that type of effort," Tebow said. ‘They are high motor, high-level guys who always play with a ton of intensity. Everyone should have that type of effort. It makes you smile as a player, coach, and a fan, because those kind of guys love to play football and they're doing everything they can to win. I think you can see that from everyone on our team. I hope that the effort does not fade and we all will continue to do everything they can to help out their teammates."

Tebow also talked about the splits the Gators inserted into their scheme against LSU two weeks ago.

"We tried to put guys into space more," he said. "Most teams aren't used to seeing those kind of splits, which made it tougher on the defensive tackles to react in the space we created. It puts another bind on the big, strong guys only looking to plug gaps because they have to get off blocks and then handle someone like Chris Rainey or Jeff Demps."

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