Coaches Are Never Comfortable

I've dealt with dozens of coaches in my years covering the Florida Gators and I can tell you they come in all sizes and shapes with an equal variety of personalities (or a lack thereof). But there's one thing I'm certain every coach has in common. They are never quite sure the game is in hand.

Thus the Gators sent Tim Tebow out on the field in the third quarter of Sunday's romp over Kentucky even though the score was 49-3. C'mon Urban, 49-3 is enough to get John Brantley into the contest isn't it? Well apparently not. Tebow led the Gators on a 16-play, 78 yard drive that took almost nine minutes off the clock. Those were nine minutes of playing time that would have done Brantley a lot more good than they did Tebow.

I understand why coaches are the way they are. Criticism for not getting the backup QB in early enough is easy to take. What's difficult to explain is pulling your quarterback too early and letting a game get away.

Ask Galen Hall about the 1985 Rutgers game if you're confused. Florida led 28-7 in the fourth quarter when Hall took out Kerwin Bell to give Rodney Brewer some quality time. Brewer promptly threw an interception for a TD. Hall stayed with his young backup who then led the Gators on an impressive drive before fumbling deep in Rutgers territory. To make a long, painful story short the Scarlet Knights ended up tying the game and almost beat a vastly superior Gator team in Gainesville.

It was the worst tie in school history, at least for nine years that is.

So I get it; coaches are nervous and edgy until it's over. Meyer couldn't know when his star QB went out there that he would proceed to take so much time of the clock. And Brantley did end up throwing a TD pass anyway.

But it was 49-3.

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