Meyer Lets the Film do the Talking

The much-anticipated Georgia week is finally here, and no one could be happier than Urban Meyer. This is the kind of game that drives coaches and players alike to be the best they can be. But first, Meyer said he will put his team through a brutal week of practice.

Before Florida begins its preparations for the Bulldogs on Tuesday, Meyer recognized the many players that graded out as champions after their dismantling of Kentucky over the weekend. On offense, 12 Gators graded out as champions, including Tim Tebow, Brandon James, Maurkice Pouncey, Aaron Hernandez, Louis Murphy, David Nelson, Michael Pouncey, Percy Harvin, Phil Trautwein, Jason Watkins, Kestahn Moore and Chris Rainey. Jeff Demps was named the offensive player of the game.

On defense, no one received player of the game because Meyer wanted the recognize the play of the entire unit. Joe Haden, Wondy Louis-Pierre, Major Wright, Ahmad Black, Brandon Antwine, Jermaine Cunningham and Will Hill all graded out as champions.

"I thought we played excellent defense," Meyer said. "The first five possessions were three-and-outs. I don't know if it gets any better than that."

Meyer also praised the energy of the crowd and he tried to reward them from the very beginning of the game.

"The first play of the game we tried to take a shot down field," Meyer said. "It was there, we just had a little pressure. Then we wanted to pin them down there so we could go after a punt and really get the place energized."

The key to Saturday's win was the three blocked kicks. Meyer said momentum is one of the most difficult things about college football, but the blocks put all the momentum on the side of the Gators.

"We won the game because we blocked two punts and a field goal," Meyer said. "The motivation that comes when that happens. It's risky and you can lose the whole thing, but why not try and win the football game. Momentum is the hardest thing to do in college football."

Meyer said blocked punts may be the biggest play in all of college football, and he knows what it's like to on the other side.

"It crushes you," he said. "I'm not sure that there's a worse sound than that thump. It's hard to equate another play being as significant as a blocked punt."

Turning their attention to a very good Georgia team who posted 52 points at LSU over the weekend will be a tall task for the Gators. Meyer pointed to several reasons for last year's loss to the Dawgs.

"The reason why we lost that game a year ago was because of poor defense," Meyer said. "We didn't tackle well, we were out of coverage a couple times and we didn't protect the quarterback. It's not because the sun was a certain way and the color shoes we wore. If we don't fix that we won't be successful and we fix that on Tuesday's and Wednesday's practice."

Meyer said he'll look into motivation for Saturday's huge matchup later in the week, but for now just watching the video of Georgia should be motivation enough for the week.

"We were very immature last year," he said. "I saw that offensive line prepare last week because they were playing the best defense in the SEC. The best motivation is to push play. It's not rah-rah. What color pants we wear and what on the TVs, it' all important but the way you prepare is what matters."

The Gators will have to prepare for a really good running back in Knowshon Moreno. He ran wild over the Gators last year, and in Meyer's opinion, may be the best back in the league.

"I have not seen them all, but the Scott guy from LSU is very good, but I would say Moreno is better," Meyer said. "He's very hard to tackle. He's got will, desire and speed. I want to say he's like our guy Demps with his ability to break tackles.

"He has and he's made the quarterback and everyone look good. Defending the pass isn't that hard. It's defending the pass and run that's hard to do that's why we want balance."

The Gators ground game has taken off in recent weeks, mostly because of freshman tailback Jeff Demps. But a lot of the credit also goes to the play of the offensive line.

"They're on their game right now," Meyer said. "I think Carl Johnson we were very concerned about that. He's still in the maturation process but he's doing a very good job. We'll get Jim Tartt back and Marcus Gilbert and James Wilson so we're starting to get that depth back that we thought we'd have. For two weeks now that group has controlled the game. You can run whatever you want, but if you're blocking well it all works."

It's hard not to look forward to Saturday's game. The winner will have the inside edge at the SEC title game in Atlanta, and it's also one of the most special atmospheres in college football.

"It's all good," Meyer said. "I hear people that say let's go back to home and home. I tell the players this will be one of the greatest experiences in college football. I told them it's split 50/50 right down the middle. The first time I saw it I couldn't believe it. It's loud the entire game. It's a great experience. I'm honored to be the coach of it and I know the players will be honored to be a part of it."

Meyer said that Janoris Jenkins should be fine for Saturday. He just has a bruised shin and it will depend on his toleration to the pain.

"He's better," he said. "It's a bruised shin so it's just a matter of pain tolerance."

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