Trail an Imposing Pass Rusher

At 6-7.5, Lynden Trail from Miami (FL) Booker T. Washington is one of the top speed rushers in the class of 2010.

Lynden Trail possesses a rare combination of length and speed to allow to do him what he does best, rush the quarterback.

"I am a speed rusher but also a run stopper and I will fit into anyone's scheme," Trail said. "The teams that I pulled for growing up were Miami, Florida and Florida State. I have been to Miami a few times but not to Gainesville. I am going to visit the Gators on November 15 with a few teammates including running back Eduardo Clements."

In high school Trail knows what his strengths are but before he gets to the next level also knows what he needs to work on.

"I feel as if I am an all around player," he said. "I go 110 percent on every play and I am very tall. Being that tall let's me bat passes down. I am very strong and I can push 300-pound linemen back and my wing span is strength. I also feel that I am a very coachable player and I think my only weakness is that I need to get bigger for college."

While Trail admits he doesn't know that much about the Gators he said that they do have one thing in common.

"The one thing that I do know is they love to do what I love and that's to win football games."

Trail has a 4.68 40-time, 245-bench press, 375-pound squat, 335-pound dead lift and a 205-pound power clean. His favorite player with out a doubt is former Miami Hurricane Ed Reed.

My Take:
I spent a long time speaking with Lynden and the thought process early is that Miami is the unquestioned leader at this time. His godfather can tell you what high school every member of the football team attended and is one of the biggest Miami fans you will ever meet. Many will read this and say because of the pipeline that Booker T. Washington has with the Hurricanes as well as some of his family being big Miami fans that this one is over and we should waste our time. Trail is very intelligent and went onto say that he must do what's best for him regardless of how many times he visits this school or that school. For those that say not a chance I have two words for you, Matt Patchan.

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