Gators Learning to Spread it Around

Last season, Percy Harvin became out of necessity, Florida's No. 1 running back. But with the emergence of Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey, Harvin has barely been getting any carries. It's just another example of the number of playmakers Florida has on offense.

At the start of the season, Harvin believes some of Florida's offensive woes were because they had to figure out how to get everyone the touches. But now that they have, watch out.

"The last week or two you've seen a good mixture of the run and the pass game," Harvin said. "We have a lot of dangerous weapons, and the last few weeks, I think the world is starting to see that."

Ever since the Ole Miss loss, the Gator offense has been just about unstoppable. They're 100 percent on red zone opportunities and mixing pass and run to a perfect blend.

"The last two weeks our team is coming together.," Harvin said. "The defense has been playing great all year. The offense has been slow all year, but the last few weeks we've put it together. We're feeling pretty good heading into the Georgia game."

One of the big differences in their last two games – LSU and Kentucky – have been the fast starts. The offense hasn't taken the time necessary to get going. Against the Tigers, it was easy – a late game with lots of attention. But against the Wildcats it was a little tougher with the 12:30 start.

"We get up for the 8:30 games and the Game Day games, but the early ones are tough," he said. "We wanted to get out to a quick start. The early games we tend to come out slow and sluggish. The blocked punt put us on the plus-side of the field though and we were able to jump on them early."

There was also the concern that Florida might have looked past Kentucky with Georgia on the horizon, but they learned their lesson the hard way against the Rebels.

"We lost the game to Ole Miss, and we kind of looked past them," Harvin said. "We knew with Kentucky that they had the No. 1 ranked pass defense. We knew we had to come out and play a big game."

Now that Kentucky is in the rear view mirror, it's full steam ahead for the Dawgs.

"We're looking to get to Atlanta and Georgia is in the way," Harvin said. "We remember the loss last year and we're going to be ready."

Harvin's not expecting any sort of retaliation after Georgia's end zone celebration from last year's meeting.

"That's not been our style.," he said. "We plan on putting points on the board. We don't celebrate scoring here. We like to thank the linemen that helped us get into the end zone."

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