One-on-One with Kenny Boynton

You may have seen the announcement on ESPNU or the subsequent articles with Kenny Boynton's comments on his decision to join the Florida Gators. About 15 minutes after that happened, got a chance to speak with the ultra talented guard from American Heritage in Plantation.

Boynton is far and away the most talented, true "2" guard the Gators have signed since Vernon Maxwell. He has excellent quickness and can shoot off the dribble as well as take it to the basket. He's an outstanding spot up "catch-and-shoot" guy as well. I first saw him play three years ago and knew back then just how good he was going to be. Gator fans are going to love watching him play.

There's also going to be a rather seamless transition since Boynton was high school teammates with Gator freshman Eloy Vargas and played with and against another Florida rookie, Ray Shipman. Boynton is the third and final commitment for this recruiting year for the Gators.


LV: What put Florida over the top in your mind?

KB: Through the process they just went over the top by putting in time with my mom, my dad and talking to my brother. They just did everything to make me very comfortable with my decision.

LV: You saw the Gators last year miss the NCAA Tournament. Do you feel that you can bring them some immediate help?

KB: I think Florida's got some great players, but Coach Billy Donovan told me they don't have the type of player that can do everything at the "2" like me. I hope I can be a great addition to the team next year and I'm looking forward to it.

LV: Tell me about the relationship you have with two guys who are already on the Gator team with Eloy Vargas and Ray Shipman.

KB: I've known for Eloy Vargas for four years ever since he came here from the Dominican Republic and I've known Ray Shipman since we were like 12 years old. We used to play against him all the time when I was younger. I was actually with him when he committed to Florida at the NBA camp, and I was with Eloy when he committed too. When I was up there this weekend they both showed me around and I just think everybody up there wants me there.

LV: Kenny, as a player what do you want to work on? How can you get better?

KB: I want to round up my point guard skills. That's the main thing. I need to improve my decision making off picks. I think that has a lot to do with the point guard position. I have to be ready to do that just in case.

LV: The Gators have won a couple of NCAA Championships in recent years. What are the chances you'll win one as a Gator?

KB: I'd say about 95 percent. If everyone stays together; me, Eloy, Nick (Calathes) Ray Shipman, Vernon Macklin and all the guys I think our chances are very great.

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