Fightin' Gators Top 13

Another fascinating weekend of college football has the "real" schools down to two unbeaten squads setting up the arguments over who would be the best one-loss team in the nation. Frankly at least one member of this panel believes that there are several one-loss teams better than at least one of the unbeaten teams from the BCS conferences.

It's once again time for the top 13 as chosen by the lawless firm of Vettel, Chmielenski, Redman and Cline.

1. Alabama

2. Texas Tech ---
CC: The national polls and our humble FG poll have been reluctant to give Texas Tech credit. Guess what? They passed their first test, but they still have to get through the Oklahoma schools.

3. Florida ----- LV: I voted this team number two behind Alabama because there's no doubt in my mind the Gators would beat Penn State and Texas Tech. Call me provincial. Call me partisan. Call me a homer. But I'm right.

4. Penn State

5. USC

6. Texas

7. Oklahoma

8. Oklahoma St. ---
BR: Could clear one of the main hurdles to the Gators earning a spot in the BCS Title Game by beating Texas Tech next week. They have the offense to do it and may have the best defense in the Big 12. Of course, that doesn't say all that much, does it?

9. Missouri

10. Boise State

11. T-C-U -----
HC: The Horned Frogs are looking more and more like the best non-BCS conference team this year.

12. Utah

13. Ohio State

Dubious Achievement Awards -----

HC: Charlie Weis ---
Mr. "decided schematic advantage" produces no touchdowns in four overtimes against Pittsburgh and the Wannstache.

LV: Mark Richt --- Not only has his classless celebration of 2007 bitten him in the butt in a big way; his inane decision to try an onsides kick against the SEC's highest scoring offense called into question his judgment yet again.

BR: Tommy Tuberville --- While the Gators have yet to score fewer than 26 points in any game; Auburn has seven games where the Tigers have scored less than 23. How's that coaching change working out?

CC: Louisville --- Two years in a row now, the Cardinals have tried to make a push in the lowly, but wide open Big East, and for two straight years they lose to the worst team in the league. If Greg Robinson at Syracuse could play Louisville 12 times a year, he might still have a job after this season is done.

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