Red Zone Proficiency

There's one easy way to work your way up the national rankings and put yourself in position for a conference title and national title. Get the job done in the red zone, and the Florida Gators lead the nation in red zone offense. In fact, the Gators have scored on 33-of-34 opportunities and that one time was to run out the clock at Tennessee.

Not only have the Gators been overly successful inside the 20, but they've also scored touchdowns on 25-of-33 scores.

"Like we explain all success, it's all because of the players," head coach Urban Meyer said after Tuesday's workout. "I like our scheme. But scheme doesn't make it happen, the players do. It only happens a couple times a game that you're down in the red zone, but we work on it a lot. That doesn't correlate to how often we're there is what I'm trying to say. For example in the spring, we do it every third day. In training camp every third day is spent completely in the red zone. But the player's execution is the reason for the success."

The Gators have that special weapon that leads the way most of the time in the red zone in quarterback Tim Tebow. Tebow's threat as a runner offers Florida lots of options.

"The single wing offense, a lot of teams are doing that now," Meyer said. "The safeties, there's no way to get them out of there. One way you get them out of there is to spread the offense out and use direct runs with Tim."

The Gators will be looking for more red zone success on Saturday against Vanderbilt. With a win, Florida clinches a spot in the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta, so after the big, emotional win against Georgia, Meyer can't imagine a letdown.

"How's that happen?" Meyer said. "That's why you get up in the morning. It's why you brush your teeth. It's to go play in these games. Why else do you do this? It's not fun. Our guys had a good day today."

One guy in specific who has been having a lot of good days recently is freshman safety Will Hill. Hill finished third on the squad with five tackles against Georgia and led all defenders against Kentucky.

"He's done well," Meyer said. "His practice habits weren't great and then he went through a little hamstring injury. Ever since he got back, boy he's been great. He's really doing well in practice. … I hate to say disappointed, but we were at first. He's exactly what we thought."

On a lower note, cornerback Jacques Rickerson was dismissed from the team today after being arrested in the morning on domestic battery and strangulation charges.

"Jacques Rickerson is no longer part of our team -- that is not what our program is about," Meyer said in a statement earlier today. "My focus and our team's focus is with the players who are part of the program and preparing for the Vanderbilt game."

Meyer, for the most part, declined comment after practice.

"It's disappointing," he said.

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