SEC East Title is a BIG Deal

One of the dangers in setting your sights on the BCS Championship Game as the ultimate goal is that you fail to appreciate the things that happen along the way. So with that I am admonishing Gator fans to do some celebrating over the next few days. The Florida Gators have won the toughest division in the toughest conference in the USA for the ninth time in 17 years, and that's a big deal.

Beating Tennessee was a big deal. Beating LSU and scoring 51 points on October 11 was a big deal. Beating Georgia last week was an even bigger deal and on it goes. This team is playing superb football right now, setting the Gators up for a chance to play for their third national championship at the end of the year, but for now just enjoy this win.

I can't tell you how many people expressed concerns this week about this Vandy team and bought into the silly argument that this was the best Vandy team in 20 years. First of all even if that was true it's roughly as impressive as being the finest concert pianist in all of Waldo. Besides that, it's not true. The 2005 Vandy was team was MUCH better than this group. Secondly, Vandy has not been to a bowl in 20 years, and this team's 5-0 start had already been exposed by three straight losses – now it's fourth in a row.

Florida proved that by scoring on their first four possessions, and it would have been five straight if the SEC officials in the replay booth knew even one rule about college football. Vandy meanwhile managed three first downs in the first 30 minutes and by the time they actually mounted a drive the Gators were up 42-0 and had already mentally and physically moved on. Still their dominance here in Nashville was impressive, and this team has proven that they are clearly better than the 2006 national champs. That doesn't mean the Gators will win out and claim another trophy; it means this team does more things well in more areas of the game than they did two years ago. Sure, they'd love to have Reggie Nelson, Jarvis Moss and Derrick Harvey, but they don't. Still this team is playing better week to week than the 2006 Gators ever did.

Right now you have to think the SEC Champ is going to play the Big 12 Champ for the national title, but that's not a guarantee. Southern Cal is as good as anyone else and they certainly will have their supporters. However, after a 17-3 win over California USC can only point to a win over Ohio State being a significant one. Florida's win over Georgia is better than that, and you could argue the LSU win is as well. Add to that upcoming games against South Carolina, Florida State and Alabama and Florida's resume' will dwarf that of the Trojans.

But for now, enjoy the win over Vanderbilt and the Gators' ninth SEC Eastern Division Championship in 17 years. After all, it's a big deal!

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