Fightin' Gators Top 13

The Florida Gators pretty much control their own destiny. Another undefeated teams goes down, leaving only two, and the Gators will get to face one of them in Atlanta. A minor shake up in the top five of our poll, but the teams from the beginning of the season are rising back to the top.

Here's the Fightin' Gators top 13 as voted upon by Vettel, Redman, Cline and Chmielenski.

1 -- Alabama

2 -- Texas Tech --
LV: "OK, I'm a believer. I know the Big 12 doesn't play any defense, but what this team and QB Graham Harrell are doing is simply ridiculous. 40-50/456/6/0 are the kind of numbers you put up against lousy directional schools, not top ten teams."

3 -- Florida

4 -- Texas --
CC: "The Longhorns are in a precarious situation. They have to root for the Sooners against Texas Tech, but it might be a big enough win to propel Oklahoma past them in the BCS Standings and a trip to the Big 12 title game."

5 -- USC -- BR: "Good thing they have a spectacular defense, because their offense has had plenty of games this year where they are not very impressive. There are a lot of first round picks on that offense and they continue to struggle when they shouldn't. They dropped this week in my poll with their play against Cal."

6 -- Oklahoma -- HC: "First to 60 wins that Texas Tech game in two weeks."

7 -- Penn. St.

8 -- Utah

9 -- Boise St.

10 -- Ohio St.

11 -- Missouri

12 - Georgia

13 -- Oklahoma St.

Dubious Achievement

LV: Players of the University of Tennessee --
"After you feigned upset at the forced resignation of your coach you vowed to finish the season the right way. Funny, most of us consider the "right" way is to play hard and compete, not stink up your home field and lose to a crappy Wyoming team. If you guys had ANY character your coach would still have a job."

BR: Georgia defense -- "It looked like the Dawgs were doing everything they could to try and screw up looking like the legitimate team on the Gators schedule for the voters to be impressed with the win over them last week. Georgia gave up 38 points and 20 first downs to a pretty inept Kentucky offense. Where is that Junk Yard Dawg defense of years gone by?"

HC: Western Michigan 23, Illinois 17 -- "Zook and noon games against teams he should beat never mixes well."

CC: West Virginia -- "Most of the nation agrees the Big East doesn't deserve a BCS bid. Now it looks like the teams don't want it either. Is there anyone in this conference that wants to step up and play in a big bowl game?"

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