Inside Access

I wanted to try and bring everyone up to date as much as I can at this time with regards to a couple of recruiting details. Here's an insider's look at the Seminole Three, Jon Bostic and others.

First and foremost, I would like to wish Mr. Will Hill a full and speedy recovery. He had some health issues that popped up unexpectedly last week and Will Hill junior left the team mid-week to be with his father and rest of his family in New Jersey. Out of respect for the family I will not go into details but wanted to let you guys know what Will went through with his last minute travel to New Jersey and then back to Nashville to join the team for the game.

I have heard from several sources that Dyron Dye and Ray Ray Armstrong are both leaning to Miami at this time. There was a time when Dye was leaning to the Gators just based on things that he has told me in the past. Things change in recruiting all the time and that's the main thing you need to remember here with Dye. As the recruiting process has moved forward it has been clear that the three are independent of each other and won't end up at the same school.

Debose on several occasions has asked me not to email the three of them together but separately of each other. Andre Debose is torn right now between Florida and LSU from what my sources have told me. I stand by this statement, if Debose ends up at LSU it's solely based on the amount of talent that Florida has at that position versus the amount that LSU has at that position. Debose views guys like Chris Rainey, Deonte Thompson, Nukeese Richardson, etc. as all guys he would need to compete with for that Percy Havin slot positions and with LSU he doesn't believe that they have people in front of him that can keep him off the field. The point is that I don't believe that Dye or Armstrong will be in this years class and that Debose is split down the middle between Florida and LSU but if he doesn't end up a Gator you know the reason why.

There has been so much made of the "Mystery Recruit" and I know all of you are dying to find out who it is but once again he will not make it in this weekend for the South Carolina game. Things have not slowed at all on either end from what I was told but there are thing going on behind the scenes that the staff needs to confirm one way or the other before they proceed forward. The issue is that at the same position as the "Mystery Recruit" things have become once again interesting with a particular player that the Gators were interested in early on in the recruiting process. It now looks as if the "Mystery Recruit" will come after the season. As things progress with this situation I will keep you up to date as much as possible as soon as I can. I can tell you that when something happens with this one you will be the first ones to find out.

I will talk more about some of this weekend's visitors for the South Carolina game Monday night in chat. One player that was at the Vandy/Florida game this past Saturday was Marsalis Teague and all I can say about him is that Florida is squarely in the mix on this one. This will clearly be a big weekend as far as visitors but especially for the 2010 class. More on that later in the week.

Things are still steady as she goes with Jon Bostic, nothing has changed my feelings on that one or where he ends up. It remains to be seen if Jarvis Jones comes in this weekend of not. If he doesn't visit don't take that as a bad sign the staff might decide to bring him in after the season like some of the other prospects to be able to spend more time with him on his visit.

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