Richardson & Collins: Part II

Trent Richardson is one of the most widely talked about recruits in the country. James Collins is one of the top junior college linebackers in the country. Though package deals rarely work out, in this case Richardson and Collins look like they will play college ball together. Here's Part II with Trent Richardson and James Collins.

What are your strengths and what do you do better than anyone else at your respective positions?
TR: "I think I can hit the holes fast and create space for myself."
JC: "I think identifying plays and my pass coverage as well as dominating sideline to sideline."

When do you plan to visit UF together and will it be for an official or unofficial visit?
TR: "James and I plan to visit late November early December."
JC: "That is the plan."

Trent, you have told me in the past that you will make a decision on signing day--that still the plan? James when do you plan to announce your intentions?
TR: "Yes, I still want to wait until signing day but we will probably end up somewhere together."
JC: "I will make my decision with Trent."

Which schools are in the running at this time?
TR: "It is still the same three with Alabama, LSU and Florida."
JC: "We have similar offers but my top four are LSU, Florida, Tennessee and Alabama."

Trent, how important is it for you to play with James at the next level?
TR: "I think it is very important to both of us to play with family. The plan is for us to play together. Our fathers are brothers and we grew up together in Pensacola until James moved to Alabama. We are like brothers."

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