Tebow Looking for Another Big Game

Just in case anyone's forgotten, Tim Tebow's performance from last year's win against South Carolina included SEVEN touchdowns and 425 yards of total offense. It was one of the most dominating performances by a single player in recent history, and it likely clinched the Heisman Trophy for him.

The season before that, Tebow watched from the sidelines as Jarvis Moss blocked Ryan Succop's last second field goal try to edge the Gamecocks and keep their national championship hopes alive.

Tebow's two matchups against the former Gator head coach that he grew up watching have been memorable, and there's no denying that the third may be just as big.

Tebow is playing his best football of the season. In the last three games, he's had pass efficiency ratings above 200 percent, while completing better than 70 percent of his passes. Against Vandy, his 11 carries for 88 yards was his best rushing performance of the season. And that pass efficiency rating has increased in every game except for one since the loss to Ole Miss.

Tebow said he's feeling the best he's felt all year health-wise, and he'll need it to face a tough South Carolina defense on Saturday afternoon.

"We've gone over everything they do," Tebow said. "They do a lot of different things. They do a good job of mixing up their blitzes and coverages. We really have to execute well. They make a lot of plays and that's what keeps them in the game. They really swarm around the ball and we have to minimize our mistakes."

A lot of the reads will be put on the shoulders of Tebow. South Carolina will try to disguise what their going to do, so it will be up to Tebow to make the right decision once the ball is snapped.

"They give you a lot of looks and hope they get you into the wrong plays," Tebow said. "They do a lot of things instead of just sit in a four-down and cover-2 They play a lot of different defenses and when you do that you're not going to be as sound, but on the other and you can show a lot of different looks. My job as a quarterback is not to be confused, recognize the defenses and get rid of the ball quick."

Of course Steve Spurrier is not known for his defenses. The offensive genius was of course walking the UF sidelines when Tebow was growing up as a Gator fan. But Tebow really hasn't had time to reflect on that fact.

"I think it's cool; I think it's fun," he said. "I haven't had much time to think about it, though. They have a really good defense. I think anytime you're matched up against Spurrier it would be an interesting game. I think he's a great coach. I think he does a good job and coaches his quarterbacks well. He always gives his team a chance to win."

Tebow is now starting to see a lot of similarities between this year's squad and the championship team Spurrier had in Gainesville.

"They had unbelievable players," Tebow said. "I think they were very well coached, but I also think they had a lot of experience. Those guys had been in a lot of big games throughout the year and I really think that helped."

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