Fightin' Gators Top 13

Last week Chris Chmielenski put together our rankings because I was somewhere between Nashville and Gainesville, Florida on the long ride back from the Vandy game. This week the trip back from the game was quite a bit shorter… unless, that is you came to the "The Swamp" from Columbia, South Carolina.

So just how impressive was the Gators' performance? Did anyone on this esteemed panel have audacity to jump the Gators over the nation's two unbeaten teams?

It's once again time for the top 13 as chosen by the lawless firm of Vettel, Chmielenski, Redman and Cline.

1. Alabama --- BR: The SEC Championship game is shaping up to be a big time event. If Oklahoma beats Texas Tech it will likely be the top two teams in the country squaring off. Alabama is strong on both lines of scrimmage and coached extremely well. They are the most physical team Florida will see all year, but they can be beaten with speed and Florida has that. It will be a somewhat nice contrast in styles although Florida has become a much more physical team than they were last year or maybe in several years.

2. Texas Tech

3. Florida

4. Texas

5. USC

6. Oklahoma ---
LV: I must admit I'm hoping to see a BCS Title Game that matches the man who could have kept the Gators on top of college football when Steve Spurrier left against the man who returned the Gators to the nation's elite after the failed Ron Zook experiment.

7. Penn State

8. Utah

9. Boise State

10. Ohio State

11. Oklahoma St

12. Missouri --- CC:
Looking ahead, Missouri could screw up the entire BCS. A win in the Big 12 title game could eliminate all teams from that conference leaving USC -- which might not win the Pac-10 – playing in the BCS Title Game.

13. Georgia

Dubious Achievement Awards -----

HC: FSU ---
And that means everything associated with FSU Saturday. From the ridiculously ugly uniforms to the cheap shot penalties during the game and Preston Parker's actions afterward.

LV: The ACC --- They might call it "parity" but this league is wallowing in mediocrity. Already reduced to just two teams with only two losses the ACC saw Maryland and FSU both go down at home. The league now has six teams that are 7-3 and one of them will be in the BCS.

BR: The BCS --- Fast forward a few weeks with everything running the way it is now. The SEC winner and the Big 12 winner play for the BCS Championship. Oregon State wins the Pac-10 and goes to the Rose to play Penn State. SEC (2) in Sugar and Big 12 gets a second team in the Fiesta. Utah will get the at-large automatic bid for a high ranking non-BCS conference team and USC will also get in. The ACC and Big East champions go to the Orange for a game between unranked teams. There are ten better teams that should be in that game. Give the ACC and Big East bids to non-BCS conferences.

CC: Tulsa -- After losing their first game of the season last week against Arkansas, the Golden Hurricanes who rank second in the nation for scoring offense allowed 70 to Houston. For a second there, I thought maybe Andre Ware had come back for the Cougars.

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