College Football Musings - Week 12

Our next President says he wants a playoff as do most people with brains. The top two conferences hope to hold on to their place at the front of the BCS line. The Vols go looking for a coach in the NFL while the Gators have to consider the possibility of losing their coordinators. We offer up that and more in our weekly musings.

GObama --- The last time the Commander in Chief meddled in college football was back in 1969 when Richard Nixon proclaimed Texas the national champion much to the chagrin of Penn State fans. Now the President-elect says he wants a playoff. What I like about Barack Obama speaking publicly about the need for a playoff is that it was a rationed pitch that he promised to "throw his weight around" on. Now I'm more concerned about other issues facing him, but if he can get some people talking about an eight-team event I'm all for it. As I've written many times, the four big bowls could become national quarterfinals, so you are just extending the seasons for four teams. It's not as big a deal as the bought and paid for leaders of intercollegiate athletics would have you think.

Vols like lousy offense --- That's the only conclusion I can reach upon hearing that the boys from Rocky Top have kicked the tires on the possibility of luring Lovie Smith or John Gruden to Knoxville. Tampa Bay fans can tell you many tales of Gruden's offensive genius and Smith's Bears are actually decent on offense for the first time in his tenure. They should be calling Oklahoma State or Texas Tech. They need an infusion of excitement more than anything else.

SEC/Big 12 faces anxious finishes --- Most college football observators (my favorite made up word) agree that the most likely BCS Title Game is going to pit the SEC Champ against the Big 12 Champ. But there are several chances for that plan to get disrupted. It's not far fetched to think that Oklahoma could beat Texas Tech and then lose to Oklahoma State. If that happens Texas Tech would go to the Big-12 Title Game against Missouri and it could be hard for them to get the BCS invite after a late loss. Florida and Alabama face huge rivals in their regular season finales and if either lose and then wins the SEC Championship Game that spot would also be in jeopardy. Meanwhile Texas and Southern Cal hopes to swoop in if either or both scenarios play out, but can they get in if neither is its conference champ? And this is the BEST system they can come up with? No wonder Obama wants to butt in.

Strong and Mullen time? --- For years we have waited to see if Charlie Strong would get a chance to be a head coach, and, despite several interviews, he's still waiting. Well Strong now has a young, improving defense that tops the SEC in scoring and is second in total defense. Mullen is directing the SEC's best offense to the tune of 44.1 points a game, a dozen better than second best LSU. Strong would be a good fit for Memphis which is 46-49 under the exceedingly mediocre Tommy West. Mullen might be a guy to consider at Cincinnati if Brian Kelly gets a better gig. It's hard to see both remaining coordinators much longer.

Ailing Husky --- Washington quarterback Jake Locker is out for the season. My initial reaction was curious. Washington has a quarterback?

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