Hollywood Bob's Private Screening

The Gators are ranked fourth in the country heading into the mismatch with The Citadel and things are about as good as they can get. It's a healthy team for this time of the year and we will explore reasons for that and just why the Gators have changed their personality so much in one season. Of course we take a close look at recruiting where I believe the Gators are about to bust out.

As the Gators start to close out what looks to be a very memorable season one thing that has been noticeable in the last month or so is the relative positive health of the team. The pre-season had its share of season ending injuries and there have been some bumps and scrapes along the way, but overall, this has been a very healthy football team. We will discuss that and why this team has been a lot tougher than last year and maybe previous years.

It is still a young roster for this Florida Gator team and the future looks bright for the Florida Gators. A stacked roster means great players and with that sometimes comes the possibility that these players might want to leave the college game early for NFL money. We will discuss the options on the team, what I am hearing, and what I think will transpire.

The projected size of the 2009 recruiting class has probably increased in the last month or so, which means the board will likely get bigger than it has been lately. These will certainly be two hot topics below. The FSU NCAA investigation is likely to stir things up in the recruiting world and I can see some names from their current commitment list all of a sudden looking around. The Gators would be interested in a few, and I bet a few will return that interest. I also think there are likely some surprises ahead in recruiting.

We will discuss all of that and more inside the confines and message boards of FightinGators.com in this edition of Hollywood Bob's Private Screening.

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