Meyer Urges Fans to Turn out for Seniors

Saturday's game against The Citadel might not draw the kind of attention from the Gator Nation than a game against Georgia, LSU or Tennessee would. But head coach Urban Meyer urged fans to show up at The Swamp to recognize this year's senior class.

"I'd like to ask everyone to get there at 1:00 for the seniors," Meyer said after Thursday's practice. "I wouldn't ask that if the seniors weren't deserving. We had a team meeting today. It's one of the best group of people I've ever been around. They've been through transition, and you just look at their record. Every one of them, walk-ons and scholarship players, are on course to graduate here from the University of Florida. I know that's not like thrilling news, but that's something. They've won two SEC East Championships, and I'm really proud of them."

Meyer has talked a lot in recent weeks about how much he likes this year's squad, and a big part of that is because of the senior class.

"We have a tremendous core, but we are very young," Meyer said. "I have had four really good teams and this is one of them. I can't wait to get around them, and it's mostly because of these seniors."

Offensive guard Carl Johnson is still nursing a sprained MCL, but Meyer said he should be okay for Saturday. Still, it looks like the senior Jim Tartt will get the nod for Saturday's game. Even though he hasn't been able to contribute much this season because of his shoulder injury, Tartt has played a big role in the improvement of an offensive line that Meyer called near non-functional at one time.

"It bordered on one of the more non-functional groups I've ever seen," Meyer said. "As far as chemistry, the offensive line is the nuts and bolts of your team. If that group is a non-functional group than you have a problem. It's a bunch of different personalities and a bunch of different backgrounds, but they're tremendous people."

  • Meyer said that Cornelius Ingram will take part in Saturday's Senior Day. Ingram was forced to miss the season after tearing his ACL during fall camp.
  • Percy Harvin approached Meyer over the summer about possibly playing in the Florida secondary this fall. Said Meyer, "This summer he actually came to me and asked me about it because we were having some trouble in the back end. I was willing to think about it, but it's so hard to do in college football. And we do so many things with him on offense. Charles Woodson would be an excellent example. We tried it with a kid at Notre and Dame and it's just impossible."
  • Linebacker A.J. Jones hasn't practiced much this week, but Meyer said he still might be ready to go.

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