Mission Accomplished

Most Saturdays you can figure out a scenario in which a favored team could be beaten if certain things happen. Sometimes the list of things that must happen for an upset to occur is pretty long. Heading into Saturday's home finale against the Citadel the Gators' list was about 258 pages.

There was virtually no way that the boys form Charleston, South Carolina could stay close with the Gators. The Citadel, proud institution that it justifiably is had no shot against the Gators. Florida may be ranked No. 4 in the BCS standings, but they are the best team in college football.

What the Gators had to do simply was take care of business. Florida didn't need to waste time on Saturday. They needed to make a statement, dominate the contest and empty the bench. They went three-for-three.

Actually of all things in a game like this the biggest concern is getting someone hurt, and Florida did that on the first snap from scrimmage. Lawrence Marsh, who has been tremendous in the middle of the Gator defensive line, was lost to a knee injury early on, but that's about the only thing that went wrong on this day.

Tim Tebow was sharp from the first snap. Helped by an exceptional catch by Riley Cooper, Florida's quarterback had a near flawless performance. Tebow was 9-for-11 for 201 yards and three touchdowns in less than a half of action. His three touchdown passes give him 59 for his career and added to his 42 rushing scores he is personally responsible for 101 touchdowns in his Gator career. He may not repeat as the winner of the Heisman Trophy, but Tebow is a better player than he was in winning the award last year. His 22/2 touchdown/interception ratio is simply remarkable.

There's no reason to go into all the amazing numbers Florida put on the board. From the 705 yards of total offense to the 11.9 yards per play, Florida overwhelmed the overmatched Bulldogs. Two Gators ran for more than 10-0 yards, Percy Harvin averaged 25 yards a touch and on and on it goes.

Urban Meyer often talks about his kids being professionals. He points out that their profession is college football; they got to class, they go to practice and they play in games. The Gators were very professional on this day. They took care of business from the start of the national anthem until they sang the fight song in the corner with the band and student body. They didn't screw around. They didn't show up without focus. They didn't do anything to chance the perception that they are playing the best football in the country.

Mission accomplished.

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