Gator Recruiting Update: 2009

As the recruiting season winds down for the class of 2009, things are picking up at a frantic pace for the class of 2010. I can't tell you how many players are showing a high amount of interest for the Gators.

Look for an update on the class of 2010 later in the week but for now I want to start out with some 2009 updates. It may appear that things are moving slowly on the surface with the players remaining on the board but things are actually moving in the right direction on more than a few of the top remaining players looking the Gators' way.

The Gators are showing interest in the usual cast of characters with just about 10 weeks left until National Signing Day. A few of the players that I believe are in good shape to become Gators are Xavier Nixon, Jarvis Jones, Jon Bostic, Marsalis Teague and a surprise or two a long the way.

Then you have the next wave of players with prospects Denard Robinson, Andre Debose, Marlon Brown, Jaamal Berry, Trent Richardson, Latu Heimuli, Joshua Evans, Jelani Jenkins and Frankie Telfort. Things have not changed with the "mystery recruit" as of this moment. As many of you may remember there were originally two "mystery recruits" that I mentioned. The one thing I told everyone on these two was that they were both current commitments to the same conference. That has not changed.

Mystery recruit No. 2 could receive his offer as early as next week. Don't be surprised if a certain recruit that is also committed elsewhere takes a visit to Florida in the coming weeks. I hate to be evasive with some of these players but again as soon as I can let you know what is going on with some of these behind the scenes players I will. The only reason for telling you about these players is to let you know that recruiting is not going slow or in some sort of down time right now it's the exact opposite. I guess you can say these are players that may have jumped the gun a bit early and now are giving the Gators a serious look. As you all know if I were to mention who they are and when they are visiting the amount of pressure/attention it would bring on them would be out of this world and that's not fair to them.

Many of you ask me how many players are left on the board. I hate to put a number on the total amount but to give you an idea I believe that there are 26 legitimate players left on the board for the class of 2009. Of those 27 players, nine of them are committed elsewhere and two of them to the same team and five of them to the same conference. The Gators could take anywhere from 9-11 by my calculations to bring the total class number to 22-24 on signing day. To put it lightly there is a lot going on right now and I will do my best to keep you posted accordingly.

Again, I will be in chat tonight from 10-11 p.m. to answer as many of your questions as possible.

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