Ask Hollywood Bob: The Responses

It's been a three week hiatus but the mailbag is back and people are asking Hollywood Bob Redman questions that they would like answered about their Gator football and basketball teams. We changed the name and the new "Ask Hollywood" segment is scheduled to be a weekly feature.

We are taking any and all questions on your Gator football or basketball teams at the moment and hope to provide you with insightful answers that are as close to the truth as we can get. So lets get started again.

Question: Concerning the spat of recent UF player suspensions (Wilson, Rickerson, Newton) during crunch time of the football season, do you think we are just seeing lapses of judgment by disaffected non-starters, or given the strong chemistry Coach Meyer has mentioned are their actions indicative of an inflated sense of entitlement perhaps shared more broadly among team members?

Hollywood: I think neither. I think you have a random sampling of over 100 football players on this team and three of them did some really stupid things that they will likely regret. Since the Jamar Hornsby incident, the off the field situations have been pretty silent. I think that is more indicative of the attitude of most of the players on this team, but there are always going to be a few that stray and make a mistake.

Question: Just wondering about your job with UF, were you ever under Spurrier or was it with just Zook? How do you go about getting a job like that? Was it strictly video breakdown or did you have other assignments? I understand if some of this is personal. Just wondering what some people do behind the scenes to help the team.

Hollywood: My time at UF started in 1994 and I first started filming practices high atop one of the camera platforms at the practice fields. The first freshman class I filmed every day of practice was the Fred Taylor, Reidel Anthony, Ike Hilliard, Jacquez Green, Travis McGriff class. I had the privilege of filming practice for the '95 and '96 teams and actually filmed the Sugar Bowl game high atop the Super Dome in an air conditioning duct.

My early responsibilities working for the team were just filming and cutting up the film from the games and practice. As time went on that developed into helping with break downs of opponents video and cutting up the opponent video for the coaches to game plan with.

Eventually, Coach Spurrier moved on and a spot opened up for me to try a new position as the Offensive Game Analysis Coordinator. That would be similar to what they call a Quality Control Coach in the NFL and on some college teams now. In that capacity, I was breaking down opponent's defensive tendencies and then making what we called "cutups" of film along those tendencies. Part of that job also had to do with self-scouting and finding the Gators offensive tendencies so that they could coach around those.

I of course stuck my neck in the recruiting process as much as I could simply because I enjoyed it. So, I was on all the official visits when the kids came to town on the weekends.

Question: What's the latest news and tidbits on possible departures of the staff for head coaching positions? What vacancy is the best fit for Mullen? for Strong? for Addazio? for McCarney?

Hollywood: With more and more positions opening up daily I think the chances of losing one or more of the current staff increases dramatically. Honestly I have no idea specifics of where coaches would or should go, but I think with a lot of the non-BCS and lower jobs opening there might be a real shot for a Steve Addazio or Dan Mullen to do their thing.

In Mullen's favor is the fact that he has been the coordinator under two prolific offenses at UF now, so with more jobs opening up I can see it happening for him. I don't see him getting a Tennessee type position this early in his career, but a Syracuse or something like that I can certainly see.

Steve Addazio is absolutely quality head coaching material, I have zero doubt about that. The only thing holding him back from a Syracuse level job in my opinion is that he has been an offensive line coach for four years here. However, he was a coordinator at Indiana before coming to UF, I just think that is a big step for a school to take although at Syracuse he has quite a few supporters on his side. He would do well in my opinion.

Dan McCarney has the pedigree to jump right away in my opinion and the job he has done on the defensive line this season just shows what a mentor of young men he really is. I can see him getting one of those Syracuse level jobs.

I think Charlie Strong should wait one more year unless one of the BCS jobs opens up for him. His defense next year should be very special and in my opinion he would do himself a lot of favors by riding that defense out and letting people see what he can do growing a bunch of young pups into ferocious football players.

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