Focused on Winning

The Florida Gator offense has been running like a well-oiled machine over the last six and a half games, and offensive coordinator Dan Mullen deserves a lot of the credit. Mullen was sharply criticized in the early part of the season, and especially after the Ole Miss loss - a game that the Gators still scored 30 points in.

But with the national attention the Gator offense has received in recent weeks, Mullen is crawling to the top of everyone's short list for one of the open head coaching jobs across the country. Should Mullen get offered a job and leave Florida, he'll be bringing the Urban Meyer model with him.

"He does such a great job of being a head coach," Mullen said. "I think a lot of my philosophy would be like him, but that's just because I've been with him for so long with all the different programs, so that's how I know to do things. It's all the little things like making sure the head coach is in charge of the special teams and the motivation of players."

Mullen said he would jump on the chance to coordinate special teams, but there's a lot more to what Meyer does that makes him great.

"He has a plan," Mullen said. "He knows a plan to win. He surrounds himself with coaches that believe in that plan. He makes sure that the team understands the plan and believes in it and sticks to it. When you start getting 85 people and the coaching staff on the same page, good things are going to happen, and that's what he's been able to do."

A lot of the same characteristics that have made Meyer successful have also made quarterback Tim Tebow successful. Tebow has the national stage for the next two weeks with games against No. 23 ranked Florida State and No. 1 Alabama, and Mullen is rooting for Tebow to be holding a second Heisman Trophy in three weeks.

"I certainly would be happy because that would mean that over the two weeks he would have two great weeks in a row," Mullen said. "I certainly would be pleased if that was the case. With Tim, the whole focus is how to win this week's game."

Mullen said Tebow's focus on the next game at hand is what makes him such a good player. It's also what makes him such a good leader. "Tim earns a lot of people's respect," Mullen said. "They look at him and they know that Tim is going to put in the hard work. There's a lot of trust from the team. They say we know Tim is going to put in the hard work, so let's try to meet it and play up to his level. That's what leadership is."

Only Archie Griffin has won the Heisman twice. Tebow already set one standard becoming the first sophomore to win the award last year, and he might be able to match Griffin's accomplishment. But he's not thinking that way.

"He does a great job of making sure that all of his focus is on this week's game," Mullen said. "He's not looking past this week or anything individual."

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