My Take - Denard Robinson

There is a hot internet rumor going around that Denard Robinson has made his college decision. But his head coach says otherwise.

"Denard has not committed to anyone yet", Deerfield Beach head football coach Art Taylor said.

I don't believe that he has made his choice at this time. I do believe that within his family, they have two different ideas of where he should go. One might be stressing closer to home while the other is all about who is the best team within the state of Florida.

I will let you figure that one out.

Robinson recently found out about the Cameron Newton situation, and not that I believe that will be any sort of impact into his decision, it certainly couldn't hurt. At the moment, it is my opinion that Robinson is leaning to the Gators and ultimately could make his intentions known sooner rather than later.

I hate to predict when/where a player might commit, but if Robinson's Deerfield Beach team gets knocked out this weekend he will turn his attention 100 percent to the recruiting process and things could go quickly. He is not one that dwells on all the attention and actually tends to shy away from it.

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