My Take - Linebackers

Early on in the recruiting process it was evident that the Florida Gators were targeting three linebackers - Jon Bostic, Jarvis Jones and Jelani Jenkins. All three of these players are exceptional in what they do.

Jon Bostic seems to be the most logical one to end up in the class, and then Jarvis Jones made his visit a couple of weeks ago. Jones had glowing reviews and will return the favor with an official visit back to Gainesville.

Bostic on the other hand has long been rumored to have an announcement date of December 1. I spoke with Mr. and Mrs. Bostic last week, and while they might decide to make a decision known on that date, I don't believe it will happen but could happen shortly thereafter. The family has maintained that a decision has not been made at but is in the process of being made.

Jenkins was heard about early and then kind of faded away. It has now come full circle and the Jenkins' family has high marks for the Gators and this coaching staff. Jenkins will take his official visit to Florida on December 12 if things remain the same. I believe right now the Gators are the team to beat for Jenkins, and assuming that his official visit goes well in a couple of weeks, this one could be over.

Back to Jones, I have maintained that the Gators had a real shot on this one for a long time. Actions speak louder than words, and Jones' actions were not very positive. The last interview that I did with Jones was one of, if not, the most positive interview he has done throughout this entire recruiting process.

Early on, I stated that the Gators or any other team for that matter would take two of these three and call it a day. I am changing my tune a bit now as I believe that the Gators are in great shape to land all three. Again, I am stepping out there a bit with this and putting the ole head on the chopping block so to speak so if it doesn't happen don't cut it off.

As you all know recruiting changes daily, but as I don't see how things could be going any better with these three players, unless of course they were all public to Florida.

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