College Football Musings - Week 14

The Big 12 found a way to replace the BCS as the most ridiculous institution in college football. The SEC bowl contracts are making the bowl themselves a bit nauseous. College football is down to three black head coaches among the 119 major programs, and the Kiffin family may all be moving to Rocky Top. We have that and more in this week's musings.

Rock, Paper, Scissors ----- That would be just as sensible as what the Big 12 did to decide which team should represent the South Division in the football title game. Instead the league waited around for the BCS bean counters and bean brains to conclude that Oklahoma should play Missouri rather than Texas or Texas Tech. It is absurd for ANY conference to let people outside the conference make that call. A vote of the eight non-affected athletic directors would be a better way to snap a three way tie. Even total net points would be better than relying or the over the hill voters of the Harris Poll or the Computer Geeks in the BCS.

A Near Black Out ----- It was a bad thing that there were only six black head football coaches among the 119 men heading up the major college programs in the NCAA. With the resignation of Sylvester Croom on the heels of the dismissals of Tyrone Willingham and Ron Prince that number is down to three. As the USA prepares to inaugurate a black man as president it's time for the NCAA to get serious about making certain there are legit opportunities for black men in a sport where half the participants are minorities. A good start would be to expand coaching staffs by two or three entry level positions. Another would be to work with the NFL to expand their minority training program. Some of you may not think this is important, but trust me the kids who play this game do.

Sorry Charlie ---- Notre Dame gained less than 100 yards and scored three points against Southern Cal. Just think how bad they would have done without a genius calling plays. Irish quarterback Jimmy Clausen was 11-for-22 for 41 yards. No kidding.

Kiffins to Become Kin Folk ---- It made no sense for Lane Kiffin to get hired by the Oakland Raiders as their head coach. It doesn't make much more sense for Tennessee to turn its program over to the 33-year-old who was co-coordinator at Southern Cal and would not have gotten a sniff for either job if he had a different last name. But it's that name that gives the Vols cause for optimism. It appears Kiffin has convinced his Dad, Monte to leave the Tampa Bay Bucs and join him in Rocky Top. Monte Kiffin is a superb coach, but coaching in college is a whole lot different. You also have to wonder about the money involved since Kiffin is one of the highest paid assistants in the NFL reportedly making more money than the entire Vols defensive coaching staff.

Do We Have To Take Those Guys? --- That lament is being heard in places like the Outback Bowl, the Peach Bowl and elsewhere after the disappointing endings to several SEC seasons this weekend. On the positive side Florida and Alabama have clinched two BCS invites with the winner playing for the national title and the "loser" going to the Sugar Bowl. Georgia, despite its loss to Georgia Tech is a legit 9-3 team for Orlando and Ole Miss will be thrilled to go to the Cotton Bowl.

After that it's a pretty ugly pair of 7-5 teams. LSU went 3-5 in its last eight games. South Carolina lost its last two games by a combined 87-20. Common sense says Carolina goes to Tampa and LSU plays in the Peach Bowl in Atlanta though both games are used to getting better teams. The two remaining SEC bowl teams are both 6-6 and both are a major headache for the powers that be. Kentucky lost 6-of-8 after a 4-0 start, while Vanderbilt is even less attractive. The Commodores were 5-0 and ranked No. 13 and have since lost 6-of-7. Neither team wants to play in the Music City Bowl. Kentucky would rather go to the Liberty Bowl in Memphis because they've played in Nashville two of three years. Vandy would also rather go to Memphis because they live in Nashville. Three other SEC teams finished one win shy of bowl eligibility, leaving the SEC two teams shy of its contracted opportunities.

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