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With the recruiting season getting ready to heat up in about a week, it's time to take an in-depth look at where the Gators stand with the class of 2009 as they head towards the stretch run.

The biggest question that I seem to get is will Florida ink Jon Bostic, Jarvis Jones and Jelani Jenkins. The only definitive answer that I can share with you regarding this matter is that Florida is the only team in the nation that has the chance to land all three of these players. Right now I feel great on the possibility of this happening and feel it's almost certain that the Gators land two of the three.

Everyone knows the Bostic situation or at least I think everyone knows. In recap, many have stated that this would have been done a long time ago for the Gators but that Mr. Bostic wanted his son to have as many experiences to other colleges as possible. Actually, it is Mrs. Bostic that was pushing for this because she didn't want her son to experience football outside the state of Florida. The family is still in the process of weighing all its options and at the end of the day I would be somewhat shocked if they don't choose the Gators. This decision will be made entirely by the family and that is a good thing for Florida in my opinion. Many were saying that December 1 would be the day but at the same time Bob and I eluded that would not happen. December 1 came and went and still no decision and anyone that tells you they know when he is set to announce is pulling your leg. The only thing that I can say regarding the time table is that it could come at any moment.

Jelani Jenkins will make his official visit to Florida very soon and based on conversations that I have had with the father, things could not be going any better. I feel strongly based on what Mr. Jenkins has told me that if things go the way they anticipate that this one could be over sooner rather than later. I don't know if they would decide to go public at that time but the Gators clearly have a great shot on this one as they do Jon Bostic.

Onto Jarvis Jones, I have had great success over the last six months or so being able to reach Jones and have had great conversations with him about a number of teams including Texas, Southern Cal, Florida, LSU and at times Georgia. Many people have said or written that Jones grew up a big Gator fan and while that may be the case he has never once told me that was the case. He does however speak fondly of the Gators and I think everyone will agree based off the last public interview that I did with him things look good for the Gators. In case you didn't get a chance to see that article here are some key things that he said following that trip to Gainesville.

"I think the team played great, the defense I loved. They just have a swag that it's three-and-out every time they are on the field, they never stop playing. After every play 11 people were around the ball, now that's Gator defense. I picture myself in the middle of that Gator defense making big time plays, running out of that tunnel to thousands of Gator fans. I spoke with Coach Meyer, Strong, and Hevesy. They all told me about how much opportunity I would have to be their middle linebacker next year. I really think Florida is a great school, and yes I will be taking an official visit."

I would advise you to have what I like to call tempered enthusiasm with regards to Jarvis Jones. I can tell you that he will take official visits to Georgia, Florida and Texas and possibly one more. At the end of the day, I don't believe he ends up at Georgia and it will be a Florida/Texas battle to the end. There will be a couple of things that will work in the Gators' favor at the time of his official visit if things fall a certain way that I can't go into but I am sure one of you will remind me at a later date.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I believe that Florida in the recruiting process is the team to beat for all three players. At the same time this is recruiting we are talking about and once again anything and everything happens, so sit tight this one will be interesting to follow down the home stretch.

I mentioned once again about the possibility of Florida landing another verbal commitment sometime this week. I received a phone call on Monday morning from a potential recruit that informed me he had not yet made his intentions known to anyone on the Florida staff at that time. He went onto to tell me that he wanted to make his decision this week (Thursday or Friday) and go public with it. As of today I still feel like it will happen and that decision will be the Gators. Again, every time we do this myself or Bob run the risk of it not happening but we want to try and give you guys the best possible inside information that we can without exposing who the players are.

Based on the information that he gave me earlier in the week I felt like it was solid enough to make mention to the rest of you. I hope to be able to bring that story to all of you in the next 48 hours. Some of you might say why would you not make mention of this, and the reason is simple. Had I told you who the player in question was everyone in the world would be calling this kid trying to get the story. Other coaches would find out that player X was about to commit and would try to work him with a passion, etc. Sometimes it's not as easy as just posting these things on the board based on some of the ramifications that may follow.

A bunch of you wanted me to get an update on cornerback Marsalis Teague this week and I heard from him this morning to inform me that new head coach Lane Kiffin was going to pay him a visit today. Cleary, the Vols new coach is behind the eight ball so to speak and is trying to reach out to as many of the top players as possible left on Tennessee's board. It remains to be seen if Kiffin will be able to make up any ground on the future cornerback. On a side not, when Teague was at Alabama he did mention to me that running back Trent Richardson was talking to him about going to Alabama. That was reported earlier but I wanted to confirm that for all of you.

With regards to Andre Debose I am in agreement with Bob on the fact that it is down to Florida and LSU and at the end of the day he is in Orange and Blue. This year the Gators have a chance to do something very special in the class of 2009 and regardless of what the numbers end up being I believe that based solely on the quality level not another team in the nation will have more than what the Gators will put together come signing day.

Thanks to all of you that have participated in the chat room open recruiting discussion's each and every Monday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. To those that haven't been able to stop in and check it out please do so. I think the rest of the bunch will tell you it is well worth your time.

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