Weekend Viewer's Guide

Florida's game with Alabama may not only be the best matchup available for viewing this weekend. If you believe the verdict of the AP poll, it's the best SEC matchup of any weekend ever. The SEC Championship will be the first ever game between number one and two rated teams within the conference.

Even though Florida has won two national titles, when they woke up to play for the SEC title in 1996 and 2006 they did not control their fate for a berth in the championship game. Most BCS analysts believe the Gators are guaranteed a BCS Championship appearance if they take down the Crimson Tide this year. This is must see TV for certain, and it begins on CBS at four. As always, Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson have the call.

None of the other action can measure up to Florida and Alabama, this is the final regular season weekend of college football for 2008 and you should take advantage before having to wait three weeks for some decent bowls to begin. Our categories this week are named for possible things to do in South Florida the week of the BCS title game. All games are Saturday and all times are local.


Missouri vs Oklahoma in Kansas City (8, ABC) -
Oklahoma beat Missouri by 21 to win the Big Twelve last season, and there's every reason to suspect they will do so by even more this year. On the other hand, Texas was 85th in rushing defense and then beat Nebraska in 1996. There's been a history of that kind of stunner happening in this game, but it's hard to believe Missouri can add to the list. Aside from the fact Oklahoma's better, there have been huge distractions for them this week. The Tigers offensive coordinator was named head coach at Wyoming Monday, and their defensive coordinator was busy interviewing unsuccessfully for the Toledo job this week as well. Oklahoma's quarterback Sam Bradford has been putting up insane numbers, and should the Tigers focus on defending the pass there's a thousand yard rusher in DeMarco Murray ready to pile up yards. Baring a surprise, the winner of this one will be the SEC champion's opponent for the BCS title.


Navy vs Army in Philadelphia (noon, CBS) -
This game is always special for the spectacle rather than the actual quality of football being played. Navy's dominated recently, winning eight of the past nine and six in a row. Army's won three games this year and has struggled offensively, while Navy has done well enough to look ahead to the EagleBank Bowl in two weeks. Regardless of the outcome, it's still worth some of your TV time.


Boston College vs Virginia Tech in Tampa (1, ABC) - BC's playing with a backup quarterback and Virginia Tech hasn't had a reliable player at the position all season. The Eagles won the regular season game at home. This is also a rematch of the sparsely attended game played in Jacksonville last season and won by Virginia Tech. If nothing else, the move to Tampa will help answer the question of whether the problem drawing any crowd was location or the fact the ACC hasn't had a high quality team this decade (and still doesn't). Will the attendance in thousands be more than the total number of points scored? Probably not, even though the Over/Under in Vegas is 39. The winner of this game gets to go to the Orange Bowl, even though neither's within five of Ball State in the BCS standings.

Cincinnati at Hawaii (11:30, ESPN2) - It's the last game of the regular season, which gives it some extra value, and it could help a little bit with Florida's strength of schedule if you're still edgy about what the computers might do. Cincy has already claimed the Big East BCS slot, so they really have nothing to play for here. Brian Kelly always has a creative offense that's fun to watch, though. Hawaii's going to the Hawaii Bowl again, but they take pride in beating teams from the mainland when they can.


Pittsburgh at Connecticut (noon, ESPN) -
Both schools are going bowling, and the game does feature a pair of the top tailbacks in college football this year. LeSean McCoy has 1,308 yards for the Panthers while UConn's Donald Brown has 1633 and leads the nation in yards per game. If Pittsburgh wins, the Wannstache will have the same number of victories as Mark Richt this year - didn't see that coming before the season.

East Carolina at Tulsa (noon, ESPN2) -
Tulsa gets their third shot at winning the Conference USA title game, as they put their high powered offense up against Skip Holtz's more pedestrian ECU squad. Both head coaches are being talked about as candidates for the Auburn job, so this could prove to be a great resume moment for them.

USF at West Virginia (8, ESPN2) -
This was supposed to be a showdown for the Big East. Instead, the most interesting story is Pat White's final appearance in Morgantown after an amazing career as Mountaineers quarterback. Bulls QB Matt Grothe announced earlier this week he will return for his senior season rather than jump to the NFL. Rumor has it Grothe plans to hold a conference next week to announce he will also obey the laws of gravity.

Arizona State at Arizona (8, FSN) - Arizona's going to a bowl for the first time in ten seasons. The question is whether they can beat their instate rival and whether Mike Stoops will lose his job should they fail to do so and go 6-6 in his fifth season.


Washington at Cal (3, FSN) -
The Huskies now know USC offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian will be their new coach, but this game's still being coached by the old one. Tyrone Willingham's unwatchable squad is winless and likely will remain so after this one.

USC at UCLA (4:30, ABC) - UCLA's Rick Neuheisel has taken some shots at the Trojan program over the past year. The bill comes due with the Bruins thirty point underdogs at home and USC looking to prove a point. This will not be pretty.

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