Ask Hollywood Bob: The Responses

Here is another round of questions for Hollywood Bob on Gator football, basketball, and recruiting answered for our patrons. We invite you to "Ask Hollywood" anything about Gator football and basketball and he would love to answer those questions for you as best he can.

Gator football questions…

What are we doing scheme-wish since the Michigan game? Have we changed our protection schemes to protect Tebow? Do you see Bama/Saban duplicating what Michigan tried in the bowl game last season? Are we prepared for it?

I believe one of the main things that has happened with the offense since that Michigan game and even a couple of games earlier in the season, is the reliance on more protection. Over time, as Tebow has progressed in learning the reads of the offense, it means they are more comfortable in letting him make reads and sit in the pocket. Last season, he did so well taking off and running, they went with it. I think they wanted to change some of that up in a Bowl game that didn't mean too much, but they didn't use protections as much as they needed to. I think they learned from it.

Bama doesn't blitz much unto they get an offense into long distance situations. Hey can be taken advantage of when they do it, but the key is to stay on track and don't get in third and long situations.

If the Gators do get in 3rd and long, think back to Chris Leak and Ciatrick Fason burning Saban and the top ranked LSU Tigers on what the Gators called the blast play. Basically you have your twins set receivers on both sides of the line run curls and flats to the outside spreading the safeties. Then you sneak a back or tight end or whoever from the protection scheme to the middle of the field. Leak and Fason burned the Tigers twice on that play and I am sure they were on LSU blitzes.

We will find out Saturday if the Gators are prepared.

Why do we still try and pull off the coffin corner kick? Sturgis can kick the ball out of the end zone. Seems to me, the opponent consistently starting at the 20 is better than say, starting at the 16 or maybe the 40 because the ball went out of bounds at the 2. If we perform on kick off coverage in ATL, like we did in Tally, we might get killed. I'm not one to gripe about the coaches decisions. Meyer has forgotten more about football than I'll ever know, but I understand risk reward as well as the next man, especially with skinny depth on the DL. Make Bama go 80 to beat you, don't give them anything cheap.

Of course they don't try and kick it out of bounds but I think you, I and Urban Meyer share the same exasperation in the number of kicks going out of bounds. They do like kicking to corners because it allows the coverage to run to one point and use the sidelines to get players out of bounds. I look for the coverage to be much better this week with the weather being perfect in the Dome and players not worrying about their footing running down at full speed. Not to mention it has to be easier for Sturgis to kick it this week than last week in the down pour.

Do you think either Percy or Tim will return for their senior season?

I would be shocked if Percy returns next year. I wouldn't be shocked if Tebow leaves, but I think he is going to stay.

Which assistant football coaches do you think may leave the Gators after the football season is over?

I think Charlie Strong is holding out for a Mississippi State type job, so if that one gets filled it will be hard for me to believe he will make a jump this season. I can see Steve Addazio at Syracuse and he could do a great job there, but I don't know if they want to hire an offensive line coach to go there right now. Addazio has a much better pedigree than that but most will see it that way. Dan McCarney would take the right job, but he won't just take anything and I consider him in the same boat as Strong right now. Dan Mullen is a guy I can see getting a position somewhere and of all of them, I think he is the one that is most likely.

On to recruiting…

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