GAME RECAP: Florida Wins Eighth SEC Title

The Florida Gators overcame deficits on two different occasions against the nation's No. 3 ranked defense to capture their eighth SEC Championship. The Gators rolled past the Tide, 31-10, to likely secure a trip to Miami and the BCS National Championship.

1st Quarter

Florida 7, Alabama 0

Drive: 9 plays, 59 yards, 4:28
Scoring Play: Tim Tebow 3-yard TD pass to Carl Moore
Clock: 8:17
PAT: Jonathan Phillips kick
Drive Started: At the Florida 41
Drive Summary:The Gators didn't take long getting on the board, scoring quickly with on their first possession. Florida picked up first downs on three consecutive plays after a Tebow pass to Louis Murphy and long runs by Tebow and Jeff Demps. Tebow carried four times for 19 yards.

Florida 7, Alabama 7

Drive: 2 plays, 82 yards, 0:54
Scoring Play: Glen Coffee 18-yard TD run
Clock: 7:23
PAT: Leigh Tiffin kick
Drive Started: At the Bama 18
Drive Summary:Alabama answered Florida's touchdown quick with a long two-play drive. The big strike came on a 64-yard pass from John Parker Wilson to Julio Jones. Coffee scored from 18-yards out on the next play.

Alabama 10, Florida 7

Drive: 5 plays, 12 yards, 2:15
Scoring Play: Tiffin 30-yard FG
Clock: 3:28
Drive Started: At the Florida 25
Drive Summary:Alabama kicked a field goal, but it was a small victory for the defense. A big punt return and a penalty set up the Tide at the Florida 25. The Gators allowed a 12 yard pass play, but then stopped Bama on three straight plays.

2nd Quarter

Alabama 10, Florida 10

Drive: 8 plays, 67 yards, 3:51
Scoring Play: Phillips 19-yard FG
Clock: 8:59
Drive Started: At the Florida 31
Drive Summary:Tebow hit Riley Cooper down the right sideline for a 51-yard gain to get the Florida offense going again. A false start penalty from the 4 hurt the Gators, forcing the field goal from 19 yards out.

Florida 17, Alabama 10

Drive: 9 plays, 57 yards, 4:20
Scoring Play: Tebow 5-yard TD pass to David Nelson
Clock: 2:59
PAT: Phillips kick
Drive Started: At the Florida 43
Drive Summary:Florida took back the lead with a strong nine-play drive. It started with some help from the Tide when they were flagged for a 15-yard personal foul on a Demps' run. Tebow picked up a huge first down on a 5-yard run before hitting Hernandez for 22 and then Nelson for the touchdown.

3rd Quarter

Florida 17, Alabama 17

Drive: 15 plays, 91 yards, 6:53
Scoring Play: Mark Ingram 2-yard TD run
Clock: 6:20
PAT: Tiffin kick
Drive Started: At the Bama 9
Drive Summary:Bama put together a very impressive 15-play, 91-yard drive to tie the score. Wilson completed 4-of-6 passes with Julio Jones on the receiving end of three of them. Jones went for 38 yards. Ingram capped off the drive with three straight carries for the final 14 yards.

Alabama 20, Florida 17

Drive: 10 plays, 65 yards, 3:40
Scoring Play: Tiffin 27-yard FG
Clock: 0:08
Drive Started: At the Bama 25
Drive Summary:Alabama took back the lead with another impressive drive. Wilson hit Jones for a big 26-yard pick up. Coffee ran four times for 17 yards, but Bama couldn't take advantage of a 1st-and-10 from the 12 and had to settle for a field goal.

4th Quarter

Florida 24, Alabama 20

Drive: 11 plays, 62 yards, 5:47
Scoring Play: Demps 1-yard TD run
Clock: 9:21
PAT: Phillips kick
Drive Started: At the Florida 38
Drive Summary:The Gators took back the lead in the see-saw game. Two huge plays on the drive, the first was a 14-yard pass from Tebow to Nelson to convert a 3rd-and-4. Then Tebow hit Hernandez on a shovel pass to pick up a 3rd-and-5 from inside the 10.

Florida 31, Alabama 20

Drive: 8 plays, 65 yards, 4:37
Scoring Play: Tebow 5-yard TD pass to Riley Cooper
Clock: 2:50
PAT: Phillips kick
Drive Started: At the Florida 35
Drive Summary:Florida just needed to get a couple first downs and play keep-away from Alabama, but a 33-yard pass to Louis Murphy followed by a 15-yard pass to Hernandez put the Gators inside the 10. Florida overcame a 5-yard sideline penalty and scored a touchdown to make it a two-score game.

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