Fightin' Gators Top 13

The SEC Championship game was a memorable performance that will be remembered for years by most of those who saw it. The Big 12 Championship Game was also played this weekend. As we post this the voting, the BCS has yet to be finalized, but we are confident that we will get it right.

Now we move on to the top 13 as chosen by the lawless firm of Vettel, Chmielenski, Redman and Cline.

1. Florida

2. Oklahoma ---
CC: Way to go Sooners! You put up 62 points against the nation's 91st best defense. Now you'll likely get your wish of playing Florida with the nation's seventh best defense.

3. Alabama.

4. Texas -----
LV: I voted this team No. 5 even though they beat Oklahoma. I just think the Sooners, Trojans and Crimson Tide are all better. It may not be fair, but it's what I think

5. Southern Cal

6. Penn State

7. Utah

8. Ohio State -----
BR: They must be breathing a sigh of relief not having to take a woodshed beating to an SEC team in the national championship game. It's Oklahoma's turn this year.

9. Boise State

10. Texas Tech

11. TCU

12. Georgia Tech

13. Cincinnati

Dubious Achievement Awards -----

HC: ACC Commissioner John Swofford -
Fans couldn't travel on short notice, or maybe it's the economy, or maybe the host city didn't do enough - any excuse sounds better than the truth. The ACC Championship Game is and always has been a stupid idea. Swofford's the guy who wanted to prove his conference was just as good as the SEC in football. Nice call, John.

LV: Army ----- It's bad enough that the Black Knights of the Hudson cannot stop Navy on the ground. I mean, it doesn't inspire confidence in our military when the Navy runs all over the Army, does it. But to add insult, or at least eye pollution to injury, they showed up in some semi-camouflage outfits that looked more like an all male dance troupe than a military unit. Bad day all around.

BR: The entire ACC --- It's bad enough that they have two three-loss or more teams in the conference championship game. The fact that there were three times as many empty seats in Raymond James stadium as seats with fans in them is an utter embarrassment. Tell me again, why does this league gets an automatic BCS bid?

CC: Lee Corso -- The ESPN analyst put on the Alabama mascot head, picking the Crimson Tide over Florida during Saturday morning's College Game Day broadcast. Carlos Dunlap made sure Corso remembered his faulty pick by bringing the SEC Championship trophy over to him as ESPN set up their Game Day set on the field at the Georgia Dome after the game.

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