Long, Tough Week Ended Well for Harvin

The last eight days have been anything but what Percy Harvin had hoped for; and yet they've been everything Florida's sensational runner/receiver hoped for. While the Gators were posting wins over Florida State and Alabama, Harvin was reduced to the role of spectator.

He did score a touchdown early in the FSU game, but had just six carries for 13 yards suffering a sprained ankle and missing more than half that game. No amount of rest and rehab was enough to allow him to play in the SEC Championship Game.

With Percy Harvin out, fellow juniors David Nelson, Carl Moore and Riley Cooper each caught a touchdown pass in the Gators' 31-20 win.

I spoke with Harvin after the game and asked him how hard it was to watch his teammates battle the Crimson Tide.

"I really couldn't," Harvin said. "It was emotional. I pretty much knew since Tuesday that I wasn't going to be able to play but I just kept hoping. I told the guys if there was any way I could play I was going to. I put on my cleats today (Saturday) but I couldn't even walk. They (the trainers) wouldn't let me go, and we almost got into a fight because I told them I don't care I was going to play but they said they wouldn't let me risk my career."

What did it mean to you to watch the other junior wide receivers step up for you like they did?

PH: "There is no better feeling. You've got David Nelson until lately nobody really knew who he was and now he's catching big passes. We've got a lot of depth with Carl and Riley and now the rest of the world knows it. It's tremendous because you can't double just one person and Tebow has found that out. We've got too much talent and too much speed for anyone to match up one on one."

LV: When the Gators fell behind in the second half did you try testing that ankle to see if you could do anything?

PH: "Of course. When it gets close I call that 'my time'. That's when I go to coach and say let's go. Either Tebow will have it or I'll have it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do it, but when you see the ball in 15's hands you can't go wrong.

LV: What did you do to try and help the team today?

PH: "I spoke in front of the whole team and let them know I wasn't going to let anyone back into this locker room that didn't leave it all on the field. They took that and told me, 'P don't worry about it we'll get it done.' And they did.

LV: And it looks like that got you to Miami.

PH: "Oh yeah, we'll be there, and I'll be there."

LV: Will you be healthy and read to go for the game?

PH: "I have a great chance. The doctors told me I should be a 100 percent in a couple of weeks. They've never failed me at any time. I'm trusting them and tomorrow (Sunday) I'll be in the training room."

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