Gators Respond to BCS Bid

Being back in the BCS Championship game for the second time in three years would be exciting for Florida no matter who they were playing. With the word official that the Oklahoma Sooners are the opponent, Gator players seem intrigued about the upcoming challenge.

The Sooners are known for their offensive wizardry, posting 49 or more points in ten of their 12 games this season and never scoring less than 35. Florida cornerback Joe Haden is going to have to deal with that Oklahoma attack, and he's curious to learn more about it.

"They've got to have good athletes to put up all those points." said Haden. "You never know what defenses they're playing against, so I want to wait until I look at them on film to evaluate what they're doing."

Haden's a sophomore, meaning he wasn't around for Florida's last BCS title. Senior Louis Murphy knows he'll close out his career by playing for a second national championship. Just don't ask him how that happened.

"I don't really know how it works, just that it's up to the computers," said Murphy. "I'm just thankful right now and really fortunate."

As a wide receiver, Murphy's impressed with what the Sooners have accomplished.

"They put up a lot of points throughout the season, and we have too so it's going to be a great game."

Murphy's fellow receiver David Nelson has a different perspective on the game then most. He's from Wichita Falls, Texas and lived in Oklahoma for four of his elementary school years. His father's a diehard Texas fan and his mother has a graduate degree from Oklahoma. Even before this matchup was announced, Nelson knew what side of the Red River Rivalry he was on.

"I grew up a Longhorn fan, and always hated Oklahoma," says Nelson.

Perhaps no player's more excited about the chance to play for the BCS Championship than Percy Harvin. The Gators star offensive weapon had to sit out the SEC Championship but expects to be ready to go again in about two weeks.

There's a different feeling to this year's BCS selection for Florida, with most observers conceding they and Oklahoma are the two best teams as opposed to the controversy with Michigan two years ago. Harvin said he can tell the difference in how they're regarded.

"It's great, and I think it's well deserved. Our defense is playing out of their mind right now," said the junior.

Both Harvin and quarterback Tim Tebow were asked about their potential NFL futures and responded with the same answer - any thought of that will wait until after January 8. There's a championship for Florida to win first.

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