College Football Musings - Final Edition

Throughout the season we have attempted to utilize this space as an avenue to discuss, criticize, poke fun at and at times outright ridicule various aspects of and individuals in college football. It is my hope you have found this column to be illuminating, entertaining and aggravating at one time or another.

With that wish, and heading towards the holidays, this is the final installment of the weekly college football musings. Of course, we'll probably offer up a post season collection next month.

Now that's funny ----- Whenever I really need a laugh I can pop in a favorite episode of M*A*S*H or the Saturday Night Live 25th anniversary DVD, but college football got me roaring this weekend. I read the box score from the ACC Championship game and there it was - attendance 53,927. It was a good three minutes before I stopped laughing. There were maybe 20,000 people inside Raymond James Stadium for the game between Virginia Tech and Boston College. It's becoming pretty clear there is only one stadium that can sell out this game, Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Book ‘em Dano ----- Earlier this season while I watched Florida cruise past Hawaii I assumed I was watching one bowl team in action. Well you know the saying about what happens when you assume. Hawaii recovered from that whipping to post a 7-6 record and will host Notre Dame in the Hawaii Bowl. Talk about having a home island advantage! While Hawaii has perhaps over-achieved after what they lost from a year ago, no one can say that about the Fightless Irish.

Stuffing the ballot box ----- Big 12 coaches did their best to stuff the ballot box in the final BCS standings. Five coaches who vote in the USA Today poll had Oklahoma and Texas ranked No. 1 and No. 2 in one order all the other. Only one SEC coach, Mark Richt of Georgia put Florida and Alabama at the top of his ballot. To his credit, Mack Brown of Texas voted the Gators at the top even though it was in his interests to drop the Gators altogether. That, my friends is the definition of integrity. Urban Meyer voted Texas No. 4, right behind Alabama while putting Oklahoma at No. 2; another example of a coach who could have skewed a ballot for personal gain and chose not to.

Say it ain't so ----- Steve Spurrier ranked Oklahoma ahead of the Gators as did Ron Zook. I'm not saying the votes aren't reasonable, but I must admit I'm surprised, especially by the Head Ball Coach. Can you imagine if one point was the difference in Florida getting passed over? They'd probably be taking down some of those recognitions at The Swamp.

Auburn may put green around the Gill ----- Buffalo Coach Turner Gill has done a remarkable job in taking over one of the nation's worst programs and leading it to a MAC Championship. Now he may be given a chance to do something special at a higher level. Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs is expected to meet with Gill in New York and it wouldn't be a shock if Gill was offered the job. The former Nebraska quarterback could be the ideal guy to try and slow down the Nick Saban express in the state of Alabama.

Unbelievable offense ----- Don't make the mistake of discounting Oklahoma's offense because of the defensively challenged Big 12. The Sooners have an incredible offensive team with great talent, a huge line and an advanced passing scheme. We'll get much more into this team in the weeks ahead, but I'm already stunned by the number of people who seem to think this will be easy for the Gators. It won't be.

Good News/Bad News ----- The Florida Gators won't be losing defensive line coach Dan McCarney to the New Mexico job. The Lobos instead have chosen a former Gator assistant, Mike Locksley to take over their football program. "Locks" spent a year at Florida before leaving to go with Ron Zook to Illinois. McCarney has done a tremendous job with the young Gator line and a year from now may be working with the best D-line in the nation. Losing Locksley is a huge loss for Zook who can ill afford if after a disappointing 5-7 season.

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