Tim Got My Vote

The first time I voted for the Heisman Trophy I chose Auburn's Bo Jackson to receive the most prestigious individual trophy in sports. In the year's that have followed I have voted for the winner more often than not, but did miss the mark with votes for Raghib Ismail, Marshall Faulk, Michael Vick and Rex Grossman among others.

This year I had a much tougher time choosing than usual. The phenomenal performances of three quarterbacks stood out above all others, and I could accept anyone voting for the three in any order. This is the first time I have ever voted for three quarterbacks.

Sam Bradford of Oklahoma, Colt McCoy from Texas and Tim Tebow are all worthy of holding the statue Saturday night. Each had outstanding seasons. Each led their team through a superb one-loss season that included big wins over highly ranked opponents. Each is by all reports a great leader, teammate and person on and off the field. So here's my ballot.

Colt McCoy #3 ----- The Texas gunslinger passed for 3,445 yards and 32 touchdowns while adding 575 rushing yards and ten more scores for a total of 42. He was intercepted seven times. McCoy beat Oklahoma, which is right behind Florida's win over Alabama as the second biggest win of the season. He is his team's leading rusher and deserves extra credit for that. He rallied his team to take the lead against Texas Tech and probably wins the Heisman if they hold on for the win, but they didn't. He faced very few good defenses.

Sam Bradford #2 ----- The Oklahoma QB clearly wins the stats contest with is 4,463 passing yards and an incredible 48 touchdown passes. He added five running scores for a total of 53. Bradford was intercepted just six times and led his team to an astonishing 702 points including an NCAA record five straight games scoring 60 or more. He can boast of wins over Texas Tech, Missouri (twice), Oklahoma State, TCU and Cincinnati. As a negative, TCU and Cincinnati are the only defenses he faced rated higher than # 50 nationally.

Tim Tebow #1 ----- Tebow's numbers are not the greatest, but they are outstanding. He passed for 2,515 yards and 28 touchdowns with only two interceptions. He ran for another 564 yards and 12 more scores for a total of 40. Tebow's TD/int ratio is the most impressive of the three quarterbacks by a wide margin. Tebow also gets extra credit for facing eight defenses ranked in the top 40, including five of the top 15 in the NCAA. Tebow won over this voter by rallying his team in the final 15 minutes to beat unbeaten and top ranked Alabama in front of a hostile "neutral" crowd in Atlanta.

Rarely do I wish that I could vote for more than one guy for the Heisman. I usually feel very strongly about the player I'm voting for, but not this year. I hope all three of these kids wins. They earned it.

In the non quarterback category I would rank Texas Tech receiver Michael Crabtree the best player in the nation, followed by Alabama's massive tackle Andre Smith and Percy Harvin.

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