Tebow Falls Short of Second Heisman

NEW YORK --- Florida Gators' quarterback Tim Tebow couldn't make history by becoming the second player to win multiple Heisman Trophies, but he still made history. Tebow finished third in the 2008 Heisman voting, but managed to win more first place votes than his other two finalists.

Tim Tebow collected 1,575 points, which was just 151 points shy of the winner Sam Bradford. Colt McCoy finished in second with 1,604 points. But Tebow earned 309 first place votes compared to Bradford's 300 and McCoy's 266. Tebow also received more third place votes with 234. Bradford received 196 and McCoy received 230. It's the first time in Heisman voting history that a candidate received the most first and third place votes.

This year's results also marked only the second time in history that the player to receive the most first place votes finished third in the final tally (1956- Tim McDonald). It is also the third time in history that the winner did not have the most amount of first place votes (1956 and 1978).

The 2008 Heisman was ultimately determined by the second place votes. Bradford had an overwhelming advantage with 315 second place votes. McCoy, who finished second in the overall voting, received 288 votes, while Tebow received just 207.

In the battle of the regions, Tebow won just one geographical area – the South. Bradford won the vote in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Southwest and Far West. McCoy won the Midwest. In the Southwest region, which compromises the entire Big 12 Conference with the exception of Iowa State, Bradford and McCoy split the vote, but it didn't hurt either quarterback. Tebow finished in a distant third, marking the worst performance of any of three finalists in any one single region.

Tebow's received more than 40 percent of the total points in the South, which was the most decisive margin in any of the six regions.

Florida's win in the SEC Championship Game led by Tebow's two fourth quarter scoring drives impacted the results. After the first two week's of Heisman voting, McCoy had the edge over Bradford with Tebow in a distant third. But in the final week of voting, all three finalists were neck-and-neck.

Ten different players received votes. Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell finished fourth with 213 points. His teammate wide receiver Michael Crabtree finished fifth with 116 votes.

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