Finley Loved Latest Trip to Gainesville

It has been a long, tough road, but in a little more than three weeks, Dee Finley will be enrolled at the University of Florida and ready to smack heads on the football field next spring. Finley visited Gainesville this weekend for his official visit and the visit it was exceptional. He visited a year ago while at Auburn (AL) High School and this one was over the top.

Dee Finley is enrolled in prep school in New York and finished upgrading his college entrance score and a class grade and is now fully qualified. He left the harsh weather of the North to come down to Gainesville this weekend where he arrived Friday about 8 p.m. He spent Sunday morning at Head Coach Urban Meyer's house and just had an awesome visit.

"I had a blast this weekend, I really did," Finley said with a grin you could see through the phone line. "It blew last year's visit out of the water. I had so much more fun, it doesn't compare. It felt like home, last year I didn't know anybody.

"I just left Coach Meyer's house this morning. We did all the academic stuff and got fully enrolled, so I am set to go. That is like a boulder off my back."

Finley got to see first hand what Florida practices are all about. It was an eye opening experience and something he witnessed for the first time.

"I had the best time at practice Saturday," he said. "It was a full pad practice and it was intense. I like Coach Meyer and that was the first time I have seen them practice. The coaches are hands on, you never really see a Head Coach head butting and stuff. I met Coach Bedford and Coach McCarney for the first time and they were real cool."

He had a familiar host for his official visit. Last year Finley and current Gator freshman safety Will Hill both participated in the Under-Armour All-American Game in Orlando. The two got to be really tight after a week of hanging around with each other.

"Will Hill was my host," Finley said. "He's getting huge on me. He's like my brother.

He will be moving to Gainesville the Sunday before classes start and already knows who he will be sharing living space with. It will be a quartet of Under-Armour All-Americans.

"I am coming in on January 4 and get started," he said. "Everyone will be in Miami, but I will be there in Gainesville. I will be rooming with Will, T.J. Lawrence, and Omar Hunter. They all look so different from the last time I saw them. Coach Marotti has been working them hard. He was calling me out in the weight training room, but I am ready, I am excited."

And so are Gator fans.

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