Awards Piling on for Koehne

He's one of those quiet commitments for the Florida Gators, but he is starting to really make some noise. An offensive lineman by trade and used to miring in anonymity, Indianapolis (IN) Cathedral offensive lineman Kyle Koehne is now starting to fill his trophy case for his accomplishments on the field. The future Gator center is proud to be a Gator and doing the Gators' proud.

Kyle Koehne spent Sunday night at his team banquet where he received a couple of awards. In a city with more than 800,000 people in it, Koehne was named the best high school player at any position for Indianapolis by the hometown Indianapolis Star newspaper the week before. The awards are coming in hard and fast now.

"It was real good," Koenhe said about his team banquet. "I got the best offensive lineman award. I was awarded the top offensive lineman in the state by the Indianapolis Star. Last week I was named the Indianapolis Player of the year. It's pretty nice. There was a big banquet with about 400-500 people, and I was presented in front of all of them with a plaque."

Now it is time for some of the All-Star game announcements and the beat goes on as he expects to get a couple of invites and already has one.

"I will probably get invited to the North-South Indiana All-Star game, but I don't know if I am going to do that," Koehne said. "Then I just got invited to the Team USA All-Star thing. They are bringing in 45 people from around the country and match them against a team from eight different countries in June of 2009. Given the timing, I don't know if I can do it."

The timing issue has to do with his arrival on campus at Florida. The freshman class is reporting in June and Koehne will be in Gainesville ready to get started. Other programs have quit wasting their time calling Koehne to try and get him to change his mind about being a Gator and he is excited to get things going and start learning the game fro Offensive Line Coach Steve Addazio.

"I haven't gotten any calls," he said about flirtations from other programs. "I have just been touching base with Coach Addazio every week. He's supposed to be coming into town hopefully this week for dinner or something.

"He's always checking up on me and telling me what Florida is doing preparing for the next game. Back in the season he was checking in on how every game went. He is making sure I'm keeping in shape and getting stronger. I am about 6-6, 285 right now and I will probably be between 280 and 290 when I show up in Gainesville."

It has been easy to be a Gator this season, even for someone that live as far as Indianapolis. Koehne looks for the Gators to win their second NCAA title in three years in early January.

"I have definitely been wearing my Gator gear," he said. "I think they are playing great right now, beating Alabama, even without Percy. It's pretty impressive. I think they are playing at the top of their game right now and better than any other team in the nation."

Upon arrival, he expects to line up in the middle of the offensive line. Center is a position that needs a heady player and one that can also move big bodies when needed. It is a position he is going to have to get used to.

"When I was down there Coach Addazio said he is seeing me as possibly a center," Koehne said. "He thinks I could play any position on the line, but he thinks the quickest place to get playing time is center. I played center before my high school career, but not since. I played strong side tackle most of the time for my team this year."

Fans and coaches should expect nothing but effort from young Mr. Koehne when he shows up for college ball. He understands the effort needed and he plans on making the most of his own work ethic.

"They can expect that I am going to work hard and be as good as I can be," Koehne said. "I am going to show up and do my job."

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