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Periodically we will ask our readers to submit questions to be answered and this time of year it is of course focused on the bowl game. I spend a lot of time with the Gator program and like to think I have a unique perspective and more than ample connections to the program to bring insightful and correctly answers to the questions on your minds. Here are the latest answers to "Ask Hollywood Bob".

Question: Any word or thoughts on who Urban will add with regards to the staff opening?

I still like my first thought in Ryan Day. I have mentioned him on the message boards a few times and think he would be a great candidate. Day actually coached under Meyer as a graduate assistant in 2005 at Florida. He helped Dan Mullen with quarterbacks that year and was a quarterback in college himself at the University of New Hampshire. He has been the wide receiver coach at Boston College, but I believe if he came here he would be coaching quarterbacks. I would be pretty shocked if Meyer didn't promote from within to the coordinator position and don't be surprised if the Gators end up with co-coordinators on offense.

As for others, it could be really anyone. Meyer has worked with a ton of coaches and knows a ton more. I know he has already entertained one big time coach on campus for an interview, but cannot say who it is. I think his record speaks for itself when forced to face with hiring assistants, and believe he will hire a great one.

Question: If Tebow goes do you think Brantley is ready?

Loaded question here. First, I think Tebow is coming back. If Tebow is not able to play or doesn't play for whatever reason in 2009, I believe Brantley is or will be ready to go. He had a couple of rough series against Vanderbilt, but has shown the ability t stand in the pocket and really sling it in other games this season. I like what the Gators have at quarterback all around for the future.

Question: Any updates on Cam Newton?

I believe Urban Meyer and company are going to let the law take care of its end in regards to Cam Newton. Then he will make a decision on the matter when everything is settled. I will say Meyer was shocked at the charges against Newton and believes he is not a bad kid at all. I tend to believe the charges will be dropped or lowered a great deal and he will get a chance to earn his way back, but that is just an opinion.

Question: Is Marve still looking to transfer from UM?

I believe the news came out this week that Robert Marve is leaving Miami. That should hurt them a great deal and they better keep Jacorri Harris healthy IMO.

Question: How good is Oklahoma's offensive line? How will our defensive line stack up against them?

I think it is the key matchup of the game as far as personnel goes. They have three All-American type players at left tackle, left guard, and center. Their left side averages 6-7 and 336 pounds. The Gators have gotten steady play from their defensive line, but really not many big plays. They have to contain the running game of OU and then they have to find a way to get to the quarterback if they are able to force them to drop back more than they are comfortable. OU is used to a short passing game, but getting them into a longer one should help a great deal.

Question: How much is Florida's defensive line hurt by injuries to our defensive tackles?

I think they are fine. Brandon Antwine didn't even know he was going to be able to play until the eighth game of the season. Matt Patchan, for all his playing time, does not have ten tackles on the season. Epps was a non-factor before injuries. My guess is that Torrey Davis will see his most extensive playing time of the season. Lawrence marsh and Terron Sanders will start and have for most of the year playing pretty solid football. Jaye Howard is there and will get some snaps and has played well when inserted. I also think with the OU passing game, we will see Carlos Dunlap and Justin Trattou inside a little bit more.

Question: The team prepared to play without Percy Harvin for the SEC. Do think that it would be equally beneficial for the team to do the same thing for the MNC?

I think they should prepare to be without Percy as much as possible, but I think Percy will play. The thing is, you never know when anyone could go down with an injury and they have played a lot without him in the last couple of years. I can't imagine them not preparing for every situation possible.

Question: Bob, on the OU roster, who were the players that the Gators coveted during the recruiting process over the last 4-5 years....and which current Gator players were an OU/UF battle?

From the Oklahoma roster I gathered these guys that the Gators liked at one time or another in the process. Running Backs DeMarco Murray (SO) and Jermie Calhoun (FR), Wide Receiver Jameel Owens (FR), Offensive Guard Duke Robinson (SR), Defensive Tackles DeMarcus Granger (JR) and Gerald McCoy (SO) and Stacy McGee(FR), and Linebacker Ryan Reynolds (JR)

I think the Gators had a relatively decent shot at Murray, Reynolds, and McGee of that group, but not sure any real Florida vs. Oklahoma battles for any of them.

One thing to notice is that of that group, Murray, Granger, McCoy, Robinson, and Reynolds are all starters. That in itself tells you a lot about the way these two staffs recruit and that both hit on a lot of their top targets and know talent when they see it. By the way, all the others I listed above but didn't mention here are freshmen and didn't play at all this year, so they are likely going to be strong players in the future.

I don't believe there are any current Gators that were OU – UF battles.

Question: What are the strategies, if any, to counter OU's 'no huddle' up-tempo offensive attack?

I think the key is to keep them out of rhythm on early downs. They will be forced to leave their game plan if they start having long yardage situations on second and third downs. This will slow down their play calling immensely in my opinion. Outside of that, there is not much else you can do.

Question: I heard this morning on Orlando radio-The beat of Sports-with Marc Daniels and Bianchi that they don't think Percy plays. Just curious if you have heard anything like this concerning Percy not playing. They said it was too risky and could hurt his draft status should he re-injure the ankle.

I almost think him not playing could hurt his draft status even more. There are probably very few people that know what his true health status is for this game and honestly he may be the only one that knows. That should be more clear in a week or so, but now it is wait and see. If he can play, he will play.

Question: Do you expect Rainey to be completely healthy for OU?

Coach Meyer has said that Chris Rainey will not be 100 percent healthy by the game. As a matter of fact he said he will have to have surgery when the season is over to repair an injury in his groin region. He cannot hurt himself any worse by playing on it, however it can flare up and become more debilitating. I would say he is running at around 90 percent right now and that is about as good as it will be until the surgery.

Question: Is there a general expectation when a player will announce his intention to transfer...such as after the bowl game, before the next signing date for this year's class or after the spring semester?

I think for the most part the transfer thing is a mutual decision between the player and the staff. Most of the time it has to do with players not being able to cut it on the depth chart and not seeing the light of day in regards to playing time. If that is the case, it is best for both parties to move on. There are occasions when transfers do surprise, but they are rare in my opinion. Most transfers happen at the end of the fall semester.

Question: I do not get to follow recruiting as much as I would like. I thought Miami was having a really good year. It seemed like a few months ago they were set up to have a Top 5 class. Now I look at the scout rankings and they are not in the Top 15. Did anything happen to Miami? Did they lose out on players? Or is it simply that they started off strong and have not had any commitments in the last few months?

I think what has happened shouldn't be much of a surprise. Miami has a bunch of young and dynamic young recruiters and they were able to land quite a few promising prospects as early commitments in this class. They have 15 committed now, but two are listed as soft verbals because they continue to visit other schools. A third in Bryce brown also visits others and I am not sure why he isn't listed as a soft verbal.

With the struggles they have had this year the heat gets turned up on that coaching staff as to whether they can produce and in turn whether they will be around in the future. That is all part of recruiting and something they must combat with every kid they are recruiting.

However, they are still in on some top players and will likely land a few of them coming down the home stretch. They should be in the top two minimum for Sanford Seminole prospects Dyron Dye and Ray Ray Armstrong, and they are two of the best at their positions in the country. There are others they could close with also.

Question: Do you expect to actually get a visit from Randall Carroll?

Yes, I expect Carroll to visit. I don't think it is that hard to get kids to visit from California, getting them to commit is an entirely different story.

Question: Do you think we will take another safety in addition to Finely in this class, if so would Josh Evans be considered the leader?

I think Josh Evans is likely to be in this Gator class. I also think the Gators are looking good for another safety and will let you know that one in the Private Screening coming up Wednesday.

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