Hollywood Bob's Christmas Private Screening

It's the Holiday Season and a time for giving and sharing and so that means it is time to spill all the beans I can spill in another edition of Hollywood Bob's Private Screening. In this edition we will discuss the big game with Oklahoma, my newest thoughts on who may leave UF early for the NFL, reports on redshirting players, and in part two, a recruiting round up to finish it off.

On the insider message boards of FightinGators.com I will discuss the big game with Oklahoma and just what I have heard and believe to be the real keys to the game. The running game for both teams will be crucial despite the video game number passing statistics the Oklahoma offense puts up.

I also talk about every redshirted player on campus right now. The Gators were able to redshirt most of their 2008 class and there are a lot of good things going on with those troops.

Injuries have been a key part of this season and the Gators have managed quite well with all the injuries anyway. I will talk about most of the injured players on the squad and give my input on what I am hearing about their time tables to get back to playing.

Finally, I end Part One on a note about sophomore defensive tackle Torrey Davis, it is something that most don't know and you will probably want to read.

Look for Part Two on Christmas night and that will be a whirl wind tour of the recruiting board.

Happy Holidays to you and I hope you enjoy.

Hollywood Bob's Christmas Private Screening - Part I

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