If I were Urban, I know what I would wish for

If I were Urban Meyer, I know what I would wish for from that old guy with a beard that shows up once a year and takes care of the good people. The list wouldn't be too long, but it might be a bit greedy.

I would wish for a win on January 8. It doesn't have to be a huge win, just a solid win over the second number one ranked team in the country in the last two games. It would be the Gators' second national championship in three years and shine a new light on the program. The "D" word (Dynasty) would start to get mentioned with the Gators and that kind of talk just makes everything else a little easier. A win over Oklahoma can actually take care of most of the rest of the list.

I would wish for a one year ban on juniors leaving for the NFL. Okay, this isn't going to happen. Maybe just wish his three superstars won't pack their bags and head for the riches of the No Fun League (NFL). Is that really too much to ask for?

I would wish for the number one wide receiver class in the country in the first week in February. Of course that unit would consist of Nu'Keese Richardson, Andre Debose, and Marlon Brown. Definitely not out of the realm of possibility in my opinion. This would help soften the blow if you know who from the previous wish does go for the money next year.

I would wish Charlie Weis a lot of success for a few years so I can quit getting asked all those silly questions about that school in Indiana that I grew up admiring. If I were Urban I would be afraid of saying the name, because someone may run with the fact that I included that school and a wish in the same sentence.

I would wish for the number one linebacker class in 2009. Of course that class would consist of Jon Bostic, Jelani Jenkins, and Jarvis Jones. Again, not out of the realm of possibility. This class of linebackers would solidify the middle of my defense for years to come.

I would wish to sign the number one offensive line class. This is actually only one player from happening as commitments Nick Alajajian, Jonotthan Harrison, Jon Halapio, and Kyle Koehne form a base unit that is already very highly rated. Add Xavier Nixon and I would really like the chances of my guys protecting my next quarterback who may not be Superman.

I would also wish for phone failure any time my assistants get called for a new job, only until mid-January. This wish comes a little late as one assistant already got away, but they wouldn't be too upset if he kept the rest for another year or two would they.

I would also wish another Heisman Trophy for my quarterback. No person in college football signifies the true meaning of the sport than Tim Tebow and he may be considered the best of all time when he is done. Tebow and one of his mentors, Danny Wuerffel, could not be better ambassadors for the University of Florida. While Santa was at it, I would wish my next quarterback to be as much like Tebow as they can.

That's it. I wouldn't wish for much more than that, and honestly it is all close to happening with or without Santa's help. Urban should just ask the old man with the long white beard to sprinkle some of his magic and edge some of these wishes along. These certainly would make for a very Happy New Year.

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