Five-Star Kasa Ready to be a Gator

As Broomfield (CO) Legacy defensive end Nick Kasa prepares for his week in San Antonio (TX) as part of the Army All-American festivities he also is busy thinking about his future as a Florida Gator. The Gators are preparing for a BCS National Championship game and Kasa believes they should win going away. It is a team he is anxiously waiting to join after he graduates high school.

Kasa is currently the fourth rated defensive end in the country according to who also lists him as a five-star prospect for the class of 2009. He brings a unique set of size he's 6-7 and runs the forty yard dash in somewhere around 4.7 seconds. He is looking forward to adding his skills to a Florida team that is ready and waiting for Oklahoma in the BCS Championship game. Kasa likes the chances for his future team.

"I definitely think Florida is going to pound on them," he said from his home in Broomfield. "Not because I am going to go there. The Gators are just a ton faster, they have the better defense. Oklahoma hasn't really tested their offense against a team like Florida. I just think Florida is going to run on them a ton...we'll have to see."

His Legacy team had a great year going 10-2 and making it to the second round of the Colorado state playoffs. Kasa finished with 11 sacks on the season and his size and speed are what attracted schools like Florida to the Army All-American.

"They like my size and speed," Kasa said of the Florida coaching staff. "There aren't many guys that are as tall as I am that can run like I can. They like my pursuit of the ball, not being lazy. I finish every play and try and get in on every play. To me that is how you are a good player, you want to get in on every play. If you are in on every play you get more looks."

Florida Head Coach Urban Meyer is the guy that really recruited Kasa to the Gators. Defensive Line Coach Dan McCarney and Recruiting Coordinator Billy Gonzales also helped, but it was Meyer that talked to him the most from the Gators. The local Meyer had to defend off Dan Hawkins and the home state Colorado Buffaloes for Kasa's commitment.

"I actually talk the most with Coach Meyer," Kasa said. "He's a really cool guy about everything. He is a great coach obviously. Every year they come back and have a great year. He and Coach Hawkins at Colorado are really cool guys, but Coach Meyer has a lot of better things going."

Kasa has proudly displayed his orange and blue colors since his commitment. Now that the Gators are in the BCS title game, there isn't much any of the locals can say to him. He just explains that his decision was based on his entire future and believes that Florida prepares him to be the best possible player.

"I wear my Gator gear a lot," he said. "Overall people know that this decision was what was best for me and my potential football career. Florida turns over a ton of guys to the NFL every year. The SEC is a totally different kind of football. The competition there will be 100 times better than anywhere else.

"I've been down there for a few games and seen that stuff. It's just a different atmosphere. Football is like religion down there, here people go to the games and have their drinks and it is just like whatever. The teams are that much more into it because of that. The talent is so much better and faster."

There have been a million stories as to why Kasa had a previous connection to Florida and the Gators. The real connection comes from his parents' home in the state many years ago. Now, they may be making a return trip to the Sunshine State.

"My parents used to live in Tampa for about 10-15 years and had a bunch of friends that were alums," Kasa said. "They knew a lot of people in Gainesville, but never went to Florida. My grandparents live down there and a lot of family friends. My parents are looking at houses right now. I'm not sure if they move down there the first year, but they are looking at houses."

The other speculation has been where Kasa might play. The plan is to start him out at the position he is the most comfortable and from there it will be all on him where he ends up.

"They told me they will start me out at defensive end and see if that works," he said. "If that doesn't work, they will probably move me to tight end. I prefer defensive end, and I think it will work out. I will work hard as a defensive end. I just like everything about it. I like getting to the quarterback, it's like a touchdown on defense."

Kasa will arrive in Gainesville in June to start school with most of his freshman class. He has already completed a high enough score on the college entrance exams and also has the grades that won't make getting in an issue. It is all about wait5ing it out and graduating. In the mean time, he knows that he has plenty of work ahead of him and he is anxious and willing to be put to the test when he arrives on the Florida campus. He can't wait to show Gator fans what he can do.

"They will see a lot of effort, I am not going to give up," Kasa said. "I just want to get down there and see how good I can do with those guys. I know Florida is going to be as talented as anyone, so I want to see how I stack up and improve my talent to that level."

Nick Kasa is certainly a prospect with a level head on his shoulders and a humble attitude you just don't see in star players like himself. He should be a pleasure to follow during his Gator career and most likely a success on and off the field.

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