Chat Transcript - 1/2/08

More than 130 premium subscribers were in Friday night's chat as recruiting analyst Jason Higdon fielded their questions. Here's the edited transcript from the chat.

Bullis33 Are we gonna have a legit shot with Moore, Jason??

JasonHigdon 100% have legit shot with him

ellparr Campbell can go to LSU, I want Brandon Moore and DJ Fluker

JasonHigdon Forget DJ Fluker

jagator31 Jason is the staff telling Ray Ray he can play safety?

JasonHigdon Yes they are

jgaster Nixon? Is he that good? I read he won the OL on the Year award.

JasonHigdon Yes Top OL in the Nation Maxwell Award and he is that good he is close to 6-8 moves like he is 6-2

Kappy77 Jason, does the fact T. Richardson set his official make you more confident we can flip him or did you expect him to?

JasonHigdon I might not know a lot BUT the one thing I think I have told you guys forever is that UF has a good chance with TR, and that imo he WANTS to be a Gator

HanRam23 Can Josh Evans play corner?

JasonHigdon yes 23

Gatornutt Reid will be CB at UF

JasonHigdon yes Nutt

GatorChad Jason, what do you think about Russell Shepherd claiming Debose is a guarantee to LSU?

JasonHigdon Well I bet that RS talks to them more than I do but I will 100% be floored if he puts on an LSU hat

JasonHigdon and by the way RS will NEVER play QB at LSU he will be the "slot" guy fyi

CHIVES So we will get Gerald Christian and Brian Volger in 2010?

JasonHigdon no on Volger imo

JasonHigdon GC great chance in 2010

GatorChad Jason, do you think RS poor showing this week swayed Debose away from LSU?

JasonHigdon no chad I think he was UF for a while now but like I said we will all see soon enough

Slique7 JASON--what % do you put on us getting RayRay

JasonHigdon I honest to God think that it's leanging UF right now

JasonHigdon but Canes RIGHT THERE

Gatornutt How much room do we have for Ray Ray. We are loaded at OLB and looking at Jenkins, Jones, and Telfort. We are actively recruiting a ton of safeties as well.

JasonHigdon nutt we have all the room in the world for RR, UF staff LOVES HIM THAT MUCH

jgaster Higgy - How do we look for Giddens?

JasonHigdon RG imo was all set to announce to UF saturday now not going more time for other teams to be in his ear or his hs coach or whatever but at the end of the day UF should be ok with him imo

CHIVES When is Jelani Jenkins suppose to announce?

JasonHigdon father doesn't know exactly

JasonHigdon on Jelani that is

Slique7 JASON--did Reid talk to MEYER yet?

JasonHigdon no 7

gatorgolfer Jason anything new on Reid, Brown or Debose?

JasonHigdon Golfer nothing imo has changed for any of those three and I expect all to be UF

gatorgolfer So the Reid to UGA was BS?

HollywoodBob Reid hasn't committed to UGA, no way

JasonHigdon imo Golfer Greg Reid will be a Gator

JasonHigdon he is out now with some Gators and imo things are going to be just fine

tracy760 Where does WC go Jason?

JasonHigdon lsu for WC imo

JasonHigdon that's what he is telling other players with him

CHIVES Jason is there anyway we end up with Jelani Jenkins, Jon Bostic, Jarvis Jones, Ray Ray Armstrong and Starling/Evans?

JasonHigdon yes Chives

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