Wilson, Mullen Very Similar

MIAMI -- Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson and Florida's outgoing coordinator Dan Mullen have a great deal in common. Throughout the season they were running two of the best offenses in college football, and come Thursday night they will try and win a national title, but there's more.

Mullen is the new head coach at Mississippi State, while many believe Wilson could have had the job if he wanted it. Wilson declined the opportunity to pursue the opening in Starkville, clearing the way for Mullen to grab his first head coaching gig.

Mullen, 36, is 11 years younger than Wilson which may be why he was more willing to take an "entry level" post with a low ceiling. Still you gotta wonder how much longer Wilson will be an assistant after guiding Oklahoma to an NCAA record 702 points in 2008. Mullen "only" put 587 points on the board, setting a school record in the process.

Wilson says he can't see Mullen's double duty hurting the Gators when the two teams take to the field.

"I know Dan's a good coach. Unfortunately that happens every year to a lot of coaches. Last night (Friday) Gary Anderson the guy who's now the head coach at Utah State and he's having home visits and trying to put a staff together and it didn't seem to be too much if a distraction. I didn't see all of it, but it sure looked like they (Utah) played some pretty good defense. I think he (Mullen) has equal distractions. As a professional and as a coach you have to manage it. It's Coach Meyer's job to decide what's best for his program."

Wilson is also quick to point out that Mullen being away from the team most of the time since the conference title game is not that different from what all other coaches are doing this time of year.

"We were away; we were out recruiting. As soon as the game was over Saturday night – and they played the same Saturday – we were out recruiting on Sunday."

And with the joys of modern technology, studying opponents' game tape is something coaches can do virtually anywhere.

"With the video you get you can put in on our lap top and do your studies. Most offenses you do it (game planning) as a group effort. There's one guy who ultimately makes the game day decisions and maybe that has been him and maybe that is still him as they go but it's a group effort. When you play together as long as they have and coached it can be a story and a distraction if you want it to be. It is what it is. You have to deal with it and I'm sure they'll deal with it in a great way."

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